In writing about the turn of the new year the standard is to look back at the events of the past or to look forward, anticipating what the turn of the calendar page might bring. At the end of this year, I’m finding both options to be difficult.
I’m even hung up on the simple act of typing the numbers 2020!
So, as I’m editing this edition of The Coastal Star, I’m searching out bits of wisdom shared by those in our community less paralyzed than I am by the turmoil of 2019.
In our Finding Faith column on Page 14 in the Home, Health and Harmony section, there is sound advice from spiritual leaders in our community. Insightful suggestions like searching out like-minded people to help us attain our goals, becoming more accepting, generous and empathic and removing the word “hate” from our vocabularies. All good advice.
I’d also toss in that dropping the word “should” can be helpful for maintaining healthy relationships and self-esteem.
One of the most intriguing pieces of advice I found came from Michelle Maros, who runs Peaceful Mind Peaceful Life in Boca Raton. She suggests selecting an intention word to help us stay focused on our highest ideal for the coming year. Words like truth or trustworthy (Barb Schmidt’s selections), or maybe grateful or empathetic can help us to focus on who we really hope to be in 2020.
You can read about Maros and Schmidt’s advice starting on the front page of our Home, Health and Harmony section. What would your word be?
As I’ve tried to shed my “Bah! Humbug!” feelings about the new year, it’s been helpful to recall that even the Grinch ended up embracing joy, kindness and generosity. So, as I reluctantly wade into the roiling surf of 2020, I’m embracing my inner Grinch and offering this toast: “To kindness and love, the things we need most.”
Happy New Year.

Mary Kate Leming,

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