Editor's Note: Keep in touch: Summer no longer a slow season

    Spring? Already? It seems too soon for hurricane predictions, rising humidity and transport trucks heading north. But here it is April. Where did winter go?
    It was a busy season along the coast, filled with the usual array of lovely philanthropic and cultural events, gatherings of friends and family and outdoor leisure time at the beach, patio or pool — when it wasn’t raining. Seems like it rained a lot this winter.
    Now, it’s time to embrace April and brace for summer.
    May-October is no longer the slow season. The local economy is booming and, as a result, there’s a lot of change afoot in our community.
    This is Florida, after all. Boom times always bring change. And much of that change happens over the summer, when municipal budgets are set and fewer people are around to challenge (or support) the decisions of their local officials.
    We owe it to our piece of paradise to stay plugged in and involved to assure the inevitable changes benefit everyone, not just those who profit or make the most noise or file the most lawsuits.
    We’ll be here reporting on those changes. Stay in touch.
    Here are a few ways you can do that: Subscribe to The Coastal Star while you are away. There is a form on Page 10.
    Join our website at www.thecoastalstar.com: You’ll then receive email blasts about breaking news and events, plus an advance look at each month’s news.
    Check out our Facebook page at www.facebook.com/TheCoastalStar/ for updates throughout the month, and I even tweet once in a while at @A1Astar. Check it out on Twitter.
    These are places where you can expect to find continuing updates on Boca Raton’s downtown and beachfront development, Highland Beach’s public safety concerns, the several large developments likely to be breaking ground soon in Delray Beach, Gulf Stream’s buried utilities project and ongoing legal and legislative battles over public records lawsuits, Briny Breezes’ need for road enforcement, Ocean Ridge’s ongoing discussion about growth in Boynton Beach, South Palm Beach’s continuing battle with beach erosion, Lantana’s efforts to increase its tax base yet remain a small fishing village and the recently announced plans for a Publix in Manalapan!
    We will be here reporting all this and much, much more all summer long.
    Whether you are staying or going north, I hope you have a great summer — and that you’ll stay involved.

— Mary Kate Leming, editor

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