I’ve begun to notice the subtle signs of spring. Along the roadways are the blooming frangipanis. At the beach is the calm, aquamarine ocean. All around is the impossibly blue midday sky.
    For a place that Northerners complain doesn’t have seasons, there’s plenty going on to prove it’s spring in South Florida.
    Consider the longer evenings cool enough for bike rides to the beach. And how the hum of air-conditioners hasn’t yet become so overwhelming that we have to close the windows at night — allowing us to enjoy the sounds of nesting screech owls and mating pond frogs and wind chimes in the breeze.
    Add to these sensory sensations the mind-boggling number of events and activities available at any given time, and you’ve got the formula for paradise.
    No wonder we have so many tourists in town this time of year. What could be more perfect than a South Florida spring day or evening?
    Of course, I have to confess that not all signs of our spring are pleasant. The mango blooms bring allergy attacks. The winter gardens are wilting. And yes, our spring mornings sometimes hold a haze of smoke from burning sugar cane in the far western reaches of the county.
    But these are temporary defects since that sugar cane smoke paints vivid sunsets as the day ends and those mangoes promise to taste glorious deep in the heat of summer.
    So, until the auto-transport trucks appear on A1A, the humidity begins its soggy embrace and the asphalt starts to burn bare feet, let’s get outside and enjoy these final days of spring. See you around.

— Mary Kate Leming, Editor

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