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Dining: A starter that’s just ducky

The Plate: Empanadas

The Place: 50 Ocean, 50 S. Ocean Blvd., Delray Beach; 278-3364 or

The Price: $12

The Skinny:  It’s funny that I’d be writing about a dish that’s loaded with duck that came from a restaurant noted for its seafood.

But these empanadas, on a recently revamped menu by chef Tom Op’tHolt, make a hearty starter that complements the shrimp, swordfish and other seafare.

The pastry was crispy, with a slightly sweet corn flavor. 

Inside, it was packed with tender bits of duck confit, golden raisins and port shallots, and drizzled with a spicy aji amarillo sauce — a flavor that’s ubiquitous in Peruvian cuisine. It made for a perfect combination of sweet and heat.

— Scott Simmons

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