By Jane Smith

City residents who live along the Intracoastal Waterway are seeing surveyors from Aptim Environmental & Infrastructure in their backyards.
In October, Delray Beach city commissioners awarded the Baton Rouge, Louisiana, firm a $198,473 contract to analyze the sea walls along the Intracoastal. The city owns less than one mile of the estimated 21.4 miles of sea walls, including finger canals.
The workers are surveying the condition of all sea walls, including private ones, said Missie Barletto, deputy director of program and project management in the city’s Public Works Department.
After the sea wall survey is finished this summer, the next step will be to create a minimum sea wall height with a sea wall ordinance, she said in late January. Once passed, the law will cover Delray Beach property owners’ building or replacing their sea walls.
“The city will have many public meetings where property owners will have their say on the height of the sea walls,” Barletto said.

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