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In Delray Beach City Commission Seat #5

The following candidates are competing for a three-year term as mayor of Delray Beach:

Thomas F. Carney Jr.

Age: 61

Education: Bachelor’s Spring Hill College; J.D., Boston College Law School; L.L.M., Georgetown University Law School

Marital Status: Married, two children

Political/Community Service Experience: Member of the City Commission and mayor, commissioner for the Community Redevelopment Agency, chairman of the Delray Beach Housing Authority

Important Issues: Beach reclamation, over-development, traffic congestion, regulation of sober houses

Quote: “I will continue to make the beach a priority; to keep the sidewalks clean, replace showers and benches and effect the repairs which have languished. Over-development is an issue which involves the entire community. Beach area residents will have to suffer though all the traffic congestion that the Atlantic Crossing project will bring. Also, if code enforcement is staffed up, the unscrupulous sober houses will find it too much of a bother to operate  in Delray.”


Cary D. Glickstein

Age: 55

Education: Bachelor’s from the University of Hawaii / J.D., University of Miami School of Law

Marital Status: Single, three children

Political/Community Service Experience: Mayor of Delray Beach, Chair of South Central Regional Wastewater, board member of the Palm Beach County Metropolitan Planning Organization, chair of the Delray Beach Planning and Zoning Board

Important Issues: Responsible development, transparent and accountable City Hall, better educational opportunities

Quote: “With Delray’s popularity, we need to properly balance competing priorities of economic development and preserving that which makes our town so unique and livable. You can’t stop progress, but you can — if not careful — stop charm and distinction.”



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