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Delray Beach: Marriott will morph into Anglo-Caribbean style

A change of paint color and replacement of the barrel-tile roof with a more durable metal will change the aesthetics of the Marriott and please its insurance company. Rendering provided

By Jane Smith

The Delray Beach Marriott plans to change its architectural style and color scheme starting in August.
“Right after Hurricane Irma, our insurance company said we needed to change the roof,” said Mike Walsh, president of Ocean Properties, which owns and runs the oceanfront hotel.
The barrel-tile roof, indicative of the hotel’s Mediterranean architectural style, was not holding up well to severe weather. Metal roofs were suggested, meaning a new look for the hotel in the Anglo-Caribbean style.
“We’re excited,” Walsh said. “We want the hotel to look its best.” Renovations should be finished by Christmas, he said.
The hotel will be repainted from standard beige to Arcadia white with details in Brilliant white. Both are Benjamin Moore paint colors, said Gary Eliopoulos, the architect for the project.
He presented the changes on June 12 to the city’s Site Plan Review and Appearance Board.
“It was a standard beige for decades,” said Roger Cope, chairman of that advisory board. “The color change is phenomenal.”
The white colors are trending now, Eliopoulos said.
The already approved restaurant with an entrance on East Atlantic Avenue will have “real cedar shakes as a roofing material,” Cope said.
The cedar shakes will be used only on the new 5,000-square-foot restaurant, Eliopoulos said. The rest of the hotel will have metal roofs.
The board approved the changes 5-0. Two members, Annie Adkins-Roof and Linda Purdo-Enochs, were absent.
Delray Beach residents will notice other design changes to the south façade facing Atlantic Avenue and to the west one facing Andrews Avenue.
The medallion on the south side will be removed and replaced with a large, concrete-etched mural of palm fronds.
The western side will have two vertical, concrete-etched murals of palm fronds.
The hotel’s lobby will be freshened, too.
Ocean Properties hired the same interior designer the iPic movie theater used to create a new front desk and ceiling treatment, Walsh said.

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