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Delray Beach: Length of terms and tax breaks on ballot

Election Results

Question One: Yes - 5,307, No - 460

Question Two: Yes - 3,784, No - 1,994

Question Three: Yes - 3,344, No - 2,385

Question Four: Yes - 4,264, No - 1,459

Question Five: Yes - 3,650, No - 2,058

Question Six: Yes - 3,388, No - 2,199

Delray Beach voters will decide March 12 whether to increase the term of city commissioners and give tax breaks to encourage economic development. 

The term question is the most significant of four proposed changes to the city charter on the ballot.

Commissioners now serve two-year terms. The change would extend the term of office to three years if approved. The maximum of six years that a commissioner can serve would be unchanged.

Another change provides that the time that a person serves as commissioner would not count against the six years that a mayor is allowed to serve, if that person assumes the mayor’s job directly after their time as a commissioner.

Voters also will be asked whether to remove charter language that prohibits a reduction in the city manager’s salary.

The economic development proposal would allow the City Commission to grant property tax exemptions to new and existing businesses that create new full-time employment opportunities in the city.

—  Tim Pallesen


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