By Jane Smith

The three incumbent elected leaders in Delray Beach were re-elected March 9 by city voters.

Mayor Shelly Petrolia received 6,247 votes, or 51.5%, compared to 5,882 votes, or 48.5%, for challenger Tracy Caruso. Petrolia won by 365 votes in a race where 12,129 votes were cast.

Commissioner Adam Frankel retained his seat after receiving 6,552 votes, or 54.6%, compared to 5,445 votes, or 45.4%, for competitor Price Patton. Frankel won by 1,107 in a race where 11,997 votes were cast.

Commissioner Ryan Boylston had the strongest support, receiving 7,251 votes, or 60.3%, compared to 4,766 votes, or 39.7%, for challenger Mitch Katz. Boylston won by 2,485 in a race where 12,017 votes were cast.

The newly elected commissioners will be sworn in at 4 p.m. March 25.

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