By Jane Smith

    New gazebos on the north and south ends of Delray Beach’s municipal beach will soon be constructed with a $40,000 donation from the Lattner Family Foundation.
    The promenade contractor will build them for the city, Project Manager Missie Barletto said. The gazebos will use the same footprint as the current structures, she said.
    The beach promenade work is progressing, Barletto said, moving north of Thomas Street to Beach Road. The anticipated completion date for the $3.1 million project is mid-October. New synthetic turf will be installed by the main pavilion.
    For safety reasons, the city asks residents and visitors to enter the beach at the designated entrances: across from the Sandoway parking lot on the south end, at the main pavilion at Atlantic Avenue and at the Thomas Street entrance on the north end.
    Solar-powered smart meters have been installed on the southern portion of the beach, along with a tricolored sidewalk with new benches, showers, water fountains, bike and surfboard racks, and trash containers.
    The city added a third Downtown Trolley route for those choosing to park in the city garages. For questions about parking during the construction, call Jorge Alarcon at 243-7000, ext. 4112.
    The promenade contractor has removed all of the benches with plaques and the city is storing them for the original buyers. They will each receive a free inscribed brick near the flagpole at Atlantic Avenue.
    For questions about the benches and plaques, call Isaac Kovner at 243-7000, ext. 4119.

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