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Delray Beach: CRA property value data nearly ready

By Betty Wells

An analysis comparing the 1985 value of nearly 2,000 acres in Delray Beach to current value is nearly complete by the Community Redevelopment Agency staff.

Compiling the numbers is the first step in researching whether the city should cut the size of the CRA district. Money that now goes to the CRA could then be redirected to the city. Commissioner Angeleta Gray has said the city needs the money, and that there are a number of areas in the CRA that are not slums or blighted, conditions required for land to be improved by the CRA.

Vince Wooten, CRA development manager, collected the data at the Palm Beach County Property Appraiser’s Office, sifting through old records and microfiche.

He said his work was done and agenda director Diane Colonna was prepared to present the information to the City Commission at its Feb. 12 meeting, but “backed off because there were some discrepancies found.”

Colonna then was out of the office the week of Feb. 18, he said.

Elizabeth Burrows, CRA marketing and grants manager, said on Feb. 21 that it was discovered more information and evaluation was needed.

“We are on track to have a more final answer soon, at which time we will submit a response to the City Commission,” Burrows said.

The CRA’s funding formula is based on the difference in property value from 1985, when the agency was formed, and its current value, so the agency and city need to know the comparison of values to discuss changes in the district.           Ú

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