City commissioners will select a firm this month to search for a permanent city manager.
    Interim City Manager Neal de Jesus told Delray Beach commissioners in early June that he would serve through the upcoming budget cycle. That should give the commission enough time to find a new city manager, de Jesus said.
    City commissioners have talked about hiring a business executive, a chief executive officer, as the next city manager.
    “It’s not an easy town to run,” Mayor Cary Glickstein said at the meeting. “We have a $150 million budget and five bosses. You have to pay for what you get.”
    The current salary range for the city manager is $127,108 to $203,000. The city needs to advertise a base salary of $200,000 to $275,000, de Jesus said earlier in the year.
    As the interim city manager, de Jesus makes $187,012.80. He received that salary in March when his contract was amended to equal the pay of the former city manager.
 He also receives a $2,000 monthly housing allowance. When de Jesus returns to being the fire chief, he will make $159,515.20.
    Also at the early June meeting, de Jesus withdrew a third amended contract that would have paid him $200,000 and given him 24 weeks of vacation. The contract also would have raised his fire chief salary to equal his pay as interim city manager.

—Jane Smith

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