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Delray Beach: City Commission candidates

Delray Beach City Commission Seat #3

The following candidates are competing for a three-year term on the Delray Beach City Commission:

Bruce Bastian 

Age: 44

Education: Math major, physics minor, bachelor’s in electrical engineering, Washington University (St. Louis)

Marital Status: Married, two children

Political/Community Service Experience: Palm Beach County Metropolitan Planning Organization member, Citizens Advisory Council member, Delray Beach Green Implementation Advisory Board member

Important Issues: The economy, industry diversification

Quote: “We are based on a food and beverage, retail and service industry. If we want to have economic stability in the long term and a place where our children can come back and live, then we better be providing them with jobs that are a lot more diversified.”


Mitchell Katz

Age: 43

Education: Master’s from Grand Canyon University’s Ken Blanchard College of Business

Marital Status: Married, two children

Political/Community Service Experience: Chair of Delray Beach Education Board

Important Issues: Traffic, parking, development in areas outside of downtown, education

Quote: “We have issues with our schools, particularly our middle school, and we need to work very closely over the next year with the School District to ensure we’re getting the best for our kids. It really affects the economic vitality of our city. If elected, I would be the first commissioner in almost 10 years to live west of I-95. I want to bring the city together, both east and west.”


Christina Morrison

Age: “I’m over 55.”

Education: Associate’s degree in retailing and consumer related studies from Penn State University

Marital Status: Single, two sons

Political/Community Service Experience: Interim Delray Beach City Commissioner, Delray Beach Financial Review Board member, Site Plan Review and Approval Board member, Chamber of Commerce board member, Palm Beach County Criminal Justice Commissioner

Important Issues: Traffic, over-development, explosive growth in the downtown area

Quote: “I’ll be the independent voice in Delray Beach. I’m not aligned with any other current commissioners. I vote on the issues based on doing my own homework, but I’m also collaborative.”


Josh Smith Jr.

Age: 74

Education: Allen University (Columbia, S.C.), Florida A&M, City College of New York and Florida Atlantic University; bachelor of science, master of education, education specialist and doctor of education

Marital Status: Married, two children

Political/Community Service Experience: Civic and community activist

Important Issues: Budget allocations, openness in the practice of the City Commission

Quote: “I have frequently spoken out to the City Commission on various civic issues, and if elected I will focus on fiscal accountability and transparency in government.”

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