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Delray Beach: Charter changes will be on March ballot

    Voters will decide whether to amend Delray Beach’s Charter in the March 12 election after the City Commission approved four of five changes recommended by the Charter Review Committee.
    The proposed amendments: clarify language to make the charter easier to read; change the length of term for mayor and commissioners from two to three years with a six-year  limit; allow a commissioner who assumes the post of mayor to serve six years in the latter capacity, even if he or she has already served six years as a commissioner; and allow the city manager’s salary to be reduced during his or her term of employment.
    A fifth proposal was denied and won’t appear on the ballot in the spring. That proposal would have allowed a city manager to be removed from office by a vote of 3-2, rather than the 4-1 vote currently required.      —  Margie Plunkett

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