Delray Beach: A glimpse into the future?

Main Story: Echoes of yesteryear in new beach pavilion

    With the new beach pavilion rising and the economy rebounding, Delray Beach residents have begun lobbying city officials to enact other beach improvements spelled out in the 2009 Beach Area Master Plan. 

    Highest ranked on the community’s wish list: opening up the ocean vista where Atlantic Avenue terminates at A1A to restore the view Delray residents enjoyed in years past. But sea turtle protection measures would need to be devised and approved by a host of government agencies, which takes time. “We’re not holding our breath on that one,” says architect Bob Currie.

    All other improvements on the list would need only city approval, according to Beach Property Owners Association Vice President Andy Katz. These include:

    • Removing coin parking meters along A1A and replacing them with multispace credit card meters.

    • Widening the beachside walkway, adding paths for pedestrians and bicycles.

    • Replacing the two deteriorating gazebos (one opposite Laing Street, the other opposite Nassau Street) with new structures matching the pavilion.

    • Replacing benches, trash cans and beach showers with updated versions.

    • Removing the mishmash of signs and replacing them with more tasteful, standardized signage.

    • Erecting two “entrance element” pergolas at the north and south ends of the public beach, designed to match the new pavilion. 

— Paula Detwiller


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