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BRINY BREEZES: Mayor tells board to look for replacement

By Emily J. Minor

Briny Breezes Mayor Roger Bennett told town officials recently they need to plan for his retirement. He wants to give up the mayor’s seat so he and his wife,
Barbara, can do some more traveling.

would like you to really consider a plan of action so I can resign,” Bennett
said at the July 22 town meeting.

His colleagues on the board groaned their displeasure, but indicated they understood.
said he’s been dealing with some health issues recently and would like to leave
office while he’s still well enough to do some traveling. He and his wife just
celebrated their 50th wedding anniversary.

I was really interested in doing was planting the idea,” he said later. “I didn’t
want to spring it on them.”

said he is prepared to serve as mayor for another few months.

has been mayor for three and a half years and says the most challenging task,
to date, was the Evaluation and Appraisal Report. The EAR is a state-required
progress report on the town’s growth goals.

at the July meeting, town officials indicated there would be no change in the
town’s tax rate for the coming year. Last year, Briny grabbed attention across
South Florida for levying the highest rate allowed under state law: 10 mils, or
$10 for every $1,000 of taxable property.

Compared to what residents were paying before, it was a 262 percent increase.
said the budget would be in good shape largely because the new police contract
with Ocean Ridge will save the town an estimated $150,000 over the next three
years. The current service contract with Boynton Beach ends in October.

town’s estimated $740,000 budget is still in draft form, but final adoption is
scheduled for 5:01 p.m. on Sept. 23.

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