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Proposed Briny stock sale status report : In a letter dated Dec. 8, 2008, attorneys for Duane Morris prepared a statement for Briny Breezes stockholders regarding their efforts to finalize a stock sale proposal. According to the letter, after the original stock purchaser, Ocean Land Investments, pulled out, the second highest bidder wrote a letter expressing interest in acquiring Briny Breezes. That party submitted a detailed term sheet outlining the basic business terms under which they would be interested in moving forward. Although those terms were considered to be a serious proposal, the Briny Breezes Corporate Board felt that a number of changes need to be made before continuing discussions and submitted a counterproposal. According to Duane Morris partner Joseph Aronica,

“Due to the recent turmoil in the financial markets, the developer has indicated they need some time to consider the counterproposal. We expect to hear back from them once the markets have stabilized.”

Off the grid in Briny Breezes:
With no one to help residents use it, a computer in the town library would be more of a hindrance than a help, Briny Breezes Town Council members agreed at their December meeting. Council member Nancy Boczon raised the question of why the town’s library has no computer after residents asked her. It wasn’t because they couldn’t get a good deal on one, it turned out. Council Member Karen Wiggins had offered one that she was getting rid of, she said, adding,

“the answer was ‘no thank you.’ “ With computers available in the nearby Delray Beach and Boynton Beach libraries — as well as staff members to help visitors use them, council members said the town library should remain off the grid.

Silver Alert: The town saw its first “Silver Alert” come to a successful conclusion in December, when an 83-year-old missing Briny Breezes woman was located in a Pembroke Pines gas station, according to Boynton Beach Police. The alert, modeled on the “Amber Alert” used to publicize searches for missing children with broadcast announcements and highway signs, is used to find missing adults older than 60 who are disoriented. Council member Nancy Boczon praised quick response of Boynton Beach police, on behalf of the woman’s husband.

In their regular December meeting, council members also:

• Approved, with corrections, Planning and Zoning Evaluation and Appraisal Reports on the town’s infrastructure, coastal management, conservation, recreation, intergovernmental coordination and capital improvements.
• Approved payment of $13,837 to Town Attorney Jerry Skrandel for services and expenses during August and September 2008.
• Discussed the need for contractors performing repairs or installations in town to get a license from the town office.
• Agreed to ask county officials about Dumpster-like containers placed on the adjoining county beach property in mid-December.

Special meeting addresses budget differences: A special workshop meeting of the Briny Breezes Town Council was held Dec.12 to address a request from the Briny Breezes Corp. to explore unresolved excess charges from the town. In response, Town Council members presented a letter written by former Council President Larry Bray outlining the town’s increase in budgeted revenues derived from the Briny Breezes Corp. for the current fiscal year of 2008-2009. After reading all correspondence on the topic, the Town Council informed the representative of the Briny Breezes Corp. that any requests for municipal reserve funds would need to be made in advance of the annual budget process.

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