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Boynton Beach/Ocean Ridge: Dog Day at Oceanfront Park

For one Saturday morning, dogs were allowed to play off leash on the beach at Oceanfront Park. The City of Boynton Beach and Boynton Beach Recreation and Parks Department sponsored the Dec. 15 Oceanfront Bark event. Duke, 3, and Moose, 2, greet one another before running off to play.

Photos by Rachel O’Hara/The Coastal Star

Django, 6, and Lady Bird, 2, enjoy their morning at the beach.

Cooper, 10, takes in the ocean breeze while watching some of his bigger dog friends.

Lewis James Brown, 3, is very friendly with people and dogs alike.

Duke, 3, enjoys running down the beach with a toy.

Gabriela Witis of Boynton Beach laughs and smiles with her 12-year-old dog Henry.

Henry is thrilled to be able to roll around in the sand.

Buddy, 4 months, hops around Henry.

Buddy is not sure about how adventurous he wants to be when it comes to going into the ocean.

Rondo, 8, frolics in the surf.

Buddy runs from the incoming waves.

Django, right, runs from the ocean victorious after fetching a toy before Duke, 3, could get hold of it.

Eighteen-month-old Abby loved being near the water.

Abby rides in a wave while looking for her tennis ball.

Abby and Django run around in the water with their toys.

Piggy, 2, takes in the scene before joining in the fun.

Mookie, 6 months, and Buddy, 4 months, enjoy some puppy rough housing.

Mookie takes a break in the sand.

Paw prints of all sizes could be seen alongside human footprints.

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