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Boca Raton: Zucaro says he'll step away from politics, BocaWatch

By Mary Hladky

Defeated Boca Raton mayoral candidate Al Zucaro intends to step away from politics and from the BocaWatch blog that he founded seven years ago.

Shortly after he conceded the race to Scott Singer on Aug. 28, Zucaro told The Coastal Star that he does not anticipate another run for election.

He also said he will will look for someone to take over the blog, which has been critical of the city council and what he and his supporters see as over-development in the downtown. The changeover will take place in about a month.

 “It no longer needs a warrior,” he said of BocaWatch. “It needs a reconciler.”

 BocaWatch has achieved its purpose by alerting city residents to the need to control development and to encourage them to take a more active role in city affairs, he said. His allies include new city council members Andrea O’Rourke and Monica Mayotte.

“I have done what I set out to do by creating BocaWatch,” Zucaro said.

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