7960934654?profile=originalBoca Raton police investigate the beginnings of a hole that the suspect intended to use as a grave for his father’s body, according to the police report. Photo provided

By Mary Hladky

A 26-year-old man is being held without bond in the Palm Beach County Jail after his Feb. 4 arrest on a first-degree murder charge in the stabbing and strangulation death of his father.
7960934453?profile=originalJared Noiman, who has a history of mental illness, drug use and violent outbursts against his father, confessed his crime to Boca Raton police detectives, the arrest report states.
Police responding to a 911 call on Feb. 3 found a man later identified as Jay Noiman, 59, dead in a large pool of blood in the parking garage of the One Ocean Plaza office building at 1 S. Ocean Blvd. A broken knife was found near the body.
Jared Noiman told police that he and his father were homeless and were spending the night in the parking garage.
The homicide unnerved residents of the nearby oceanfront Marbella condominium, who told City Council members on Feb. 11 that the number of homeless people in the area is increasing, causing some condo residents to be fearful of walking the beach.
“We got very worried about this,” said Lester Dally, a Marbella board member. “It is a safety and security issue for us.”
He asked city officials to increase security and police patrols.
Anthony Riso, also a Marbella board member, said a homeless person was found dead about six months ago in a now-vacant and derelict condominium building immediately south of One Ocean Plaza.
“It is a magnet for persons who are homeless or otherwise vagrant,” he said.
Police patrols have been increased in the area, but the city is very limited in what it can do about homeless people, city spokeswoman Chrissy Gibson said after the meeting. Homelessness is not a crime and homeless people have constitutional protections.
Before Jay Noiman’s body was found, a Delray Beach police officer stopped a white Ford Explorer driven by Jared Noiman for driving without headlights. Noiman and his clothes were covered with blood, which he said was the result of a fight he had in Boca Raton, the arrest report states.
Delray Beach police cited Noiman for driving without a valid driver’s license and released him, but notified Boca Raton police.
That same Monday evening, Boca Raton police pulled over a Ford Explorer driven by Noiman on Glades Road just west of North Federal Highway, arrested him for driving without a valid license and drove him to the Police Department for questioning.
Noiman refused to answer questions about his father. At the time, police did not have probable cause to charge him with murder, and he was released.
Noiman returned to the Police Department the next day, saying he wanted to confess to killing his father. He told detectives he was upset by the way his father was treating him, the report states.
He asked his father to drive him to Publix and walked to a nearby store where he bought a knife, gloves and garbage bags.
The two then drove to the parking garage at the corner of A1A and Palmetto Park Road. Noiman walked to the beach and started to dig a hole in the sand to bury his father, but abandoned the effort.
He returned to the parking garage, put on the gloves and stabbed his sleeping father. When the knife broke, he strangled his father, telling him to “just go to sleep,” the report states.
Frightened by a light going on in a nearby condo, Noiman grabbed the vehicle keys and fled. After being stopped by Delray Beach police, he ditched his bloody clothes and the gloves in an Office Depot trash can.
Noiman also came to attention of authorities in October after posting to social media about wanting to shoot Boca Raton residents.
One post appeared the day of reports that there was an active shooter at the Town Center mall. The rumors set off a panic at the mall, but it was later determined the loud noises that mall patrons heard were actually popping balloons.
“There may not have been a shooting,” Noiman wrote on Facebook, “but there sure needs to be one,” The Palm Beach Post reported. He said in his posts that he detested Boca Raton residents for flaunting their wealth.
He was arrested on a charge of intimidation, but the state did not file charges, The Post reported.
He also served two years in state prison following a violent 2016 confrontation with Palm Beach County sheriff’s deputies.
One Ocean Plaza and the vacant condo were to be replaced by Ocean Palm, a 70-unit luxury condominium. Plans by Miami-based One Ocean Plaza Venture LLC were approved by the City Council in 2017. City staff asked for modifications to the site plan, but the developer did not respond, Gibson said.
Bonnie Miskel, the attorney for One Ocean Plaza, said the developer intends to complete the project. It was delayed because the developer needed time to acquire the condo units, she said. He did not know how soon construction would start.

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