By Steven J. Smith

    Boca Raton police arrested five people, handed out seven citations and issued numerous warnings during the April 24 Boca Bash at Lake Boca, said Public Information Officer Sandra Boonenberg.
    “There were two boating under the influence arrests and no reported crashes,” Boonenberg said. “The number of juvenile referrals for underage drinking are not yet available, but there were many. We called parents to pick up their kids.”
    Boonenberg said the other arrests were one for disorderly conduct, one for assault and one for contributing to the delinquency of a minor.
    “Not unlike other large gatherings such as football games, concerts, etc., we had to respond to fights and disturbances,” she said. “Things like this happen, but we’re not considering shutting down the Boca Bash. Given the thousands of people in attendance, the event went very well and the public safety strategy was effectively implemented.”

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