Craig F. Ehrnst
7960666064?profile=originalAge: 52
Occupation: corporate treasurer, NCCI in Boca Raton
Education: Master’s in business administration, University of Michigan
Marital Status: Married, two sons, one daughter
Political/Community Service Experience: Board of directors, Boca Raton YMCA and Boca Raton Children’s Museum; three years on the city’s Financial Advisory Board; unsuccessful run for City Council in 2014
Biggest challenge? “Communication. ... The district and the city are simply not communicating. Each part has their own priorities and their own direction. A good example is the closed Sugar Sand playground. The district closed the community-built playground abruptly in January 2015 and did not start construction work until months later (actually I believe sometime in 2016). ... Because neither party is communicating, my 9-year-old son will miss 2 years of his life not playing on one of the best playgrounds in the area.”

Shayla Enright
7960666478?profile=originalAge: 26
Occupation: medical physicist
Education: Dual bachelor’s degrees in physics and chemistry, Florida Atlantic University; Professional Science Master’s degree in medical physics, FAU; master’s in biomedical engineering, University of Miami
Marital Status: single
Political/Community Service Experience: first run for office
Biggest challenge? “The biggest challenge is the communication issue with the city which prevents projects from getting completed and budget goals from being met. They need to have a face-to-face meeting, which hasn’t happened in over a year. Additionally, the district is constantly backpedaling on ideas discussed and decisions made during City Council meetings. District representation at city meetings would help prevent this and keep the district in the loop before it’s too late. I would be proactive about improving communication and attending city meetings.  Finally, the residents need to be more aware of the district in order to hold the commissioners more accountable. This can be achieved by having a district online blog or discussion site, Facebook page, or having the meetings at times which are more convenient for working residents.”

Dennis R. Frisch
7960666085?profile=originalAge: 61
Occupation: podiatrist
Education: Medical degree from Dr. William M. Scholl College of Podiatric Medicine, North Chicago
Marital Status: Married, two adult children, one grandchild and another due in November
Political/Community Service Experience: commissioner, Greater Boca Raton Beach and Park District, since 2008; member, Boca Raton Parks and Recreation Advisory Board, since 2007
Biggest challenge? “My opponents have both declared that they will improve relationships with the city of Boca Raton. Neither has been involved enough to fully understand this issue nor others facing the district. They have made only token appearances at our district meetings and are basing their election campaign on media reported issues that are not nearly as great as believed. I have eight years of experience in this position. During that time we have developed a new park, upgraded our current parks and had countless successful interactions with the city. I have the desire to continue, and pledge to work effectively on behalf of ALL people living in the Beach and Park District which includes people that live outside Boca Raton.”

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