7960954089?profile=originalDELRAY BEACH: A group of about 100 gathered May 31 at Veterans Park to peacefully protest the killing of George Floyd, an unarmed Black man, while he was in the custody of a white Minneapolis police officer. By the end of June the protests had largely stopped in South County. They were peaceful, according to police. Photos by Tim Stepien and Jerry Lower/The Coastal Star

7960954285?profile=originalDELRAY BEACH: As Dan Allen and Mary Adams joined dozens of others at a May 6 protest in Delray Beach, they started talking, realized they shared many of the same concerns, and decided to start dating. He has lived in a variety of places, including Boca Raton, she in Boynton Beach. Ten days later they were planning a vacation together. ‘We have been talking every day; can’t believe it, it never happens this way,’ Allen says.

7960954863?profile=originalBOCA RATON: A group of nearly 400 people, including supportive police officers, marched from 100 NW Second Ave. to Federal Highway on June 6 in a peaceful protest.

7960955058?profile=originalBOCA RATON: Nearly 120 people rallied in front of the Boca Raton Police Station on June 22 to demonstrate their support for law enforcement and President Donald Trump’s administration.

7960955455?profile=originalBOYNTON BEACH: On May 31, dozens of protesters gathered around the city, including this group that traversed the Ocean Avenue bridge into Ocean Ridge a few times. The sign paraphrases Martin Luther King Jr.: ‘It’s not the violence of few that scares us, it’s the silence of the many.’

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