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Elevation: How high your house is above sea level, which can vary from low tide to high tide to high autumnal tide.
Limestone: Porous rock that is the foundation of South Florida and allows sea water to penetrate inland.
Managed retreat: When populations are moved in advance of sea level rise that will destroy homes, and the planned abandonment of threatened areas near the shoreline.
Rolling easements: Arrangements, usually through state statutes, under which homeowners are required to yield the right of way to their properties when shores and wetlands migrate inland as sea levels rise. The homeowner may be allowed to  live on a property until it becomes unlivable, but the owner is not allowed to put up protection against flooding.
Saltwater intrusion: The infiltration of seawater into freshwater aquifers.
Self-insurance: A risk management method in which the property owner sets aside a calculated amount of money to compensate for potential future loss.
Subsidence: The gradual caving in or sinking of an area of land, particularly porous limestone areas in Florida.

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