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INTERFAITH21: Uniting people of faith, or no particular faith, in the 21st century

By C.B. Hanif

A different way of thinking about the Bible — namely through the lens of modern biblical scholarship informed by reason — is the premise of Thomas G. O’Brien III’s 15-week course at Bethesda-by-the-Sea. Each class is a treasure, thanks to his love of the richness of the Bible, his encyclopedic knowledge of its history and his depth of spiritual insight.

“He provides great information in an understandable way without… Continue

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Wood boardwalk in works for park: Boynton Beach, Ocean Ridge

By Linda Haase

When the Oceanfront Park boardwalk was replaced with recycled plastic in 1986, city officials hailed it as the latest and greatest in the green movement.

But, as they say, you can’t fool Mother Nature. The harsh winds and corrosive saltwater warped the 900-foot walkway; the coarse sand made it slippery. “It was done with great intentions, but it didn’t hold up as well as the industry predicted,” said Boynton Beach Parks Superintendent Jody Rivers.

This… Continue

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Obituary—James Kevin Campbell: Manalapan

Manalapan — James Kevin Campbell of Manalapan and Charlevoix, Mich., died

Saturday, April 18, 2009, at JFK Medical Center in Atlantis. He was 90.

Mr. Campbell was born in Detroit, where he spent many years

associated with the automobile industry. He was a financial executive

of Inmont Corp., now known as United Technologies.

He attended the University of Detroit Mercy before entering the U.S.

Army Air Corps during World War II. He became a major and… Continue

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Obituary—Elizabeth Annette Kunik: Delray Beach

By Ron Hayes

DELRAY BEACH — A seasonal resident for more than 20 years, Elizabeth Annette Kunik passed away April 9.

Born March 6, 1927, in Shenandoah, Penn., Mrs. Kunik attended the Philadelphia General Hospital School of Nursing Cadette Corps program before marrying Robert Kunik in 1950. They lived in Stone Harbor, N.J., and Bryn Mawr, Pa., and wintered in Delray Beach.

In 1976, Mrs. Kunik began playing golf, a game she came to love and often played at The Little Club in… Continue

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Obituary —James W. Davant: Delray Beach

By Mary Katherine Stump

Delray Beach — James W. Davant, retired CEO of PaineWebber Group, died in Delray Beach on April 17 at the age of 93. Mr. Davant led PaineWebber, now a part of UBS Financial Services, from 1964 to 1980.

Mr. Davant was a former resident of New York City and Locust Valley, Long Island. He was born in McComb, Miss., was raised in Memphis, Tenn., and attended both the University of Mississippi and the the University of Virginia.

He served as a naval… Continue

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No-see-um battle returns to Town Commission: Ocean Ridge

By Margie Plunkett

The town is being eaten alive.

No-see-ums are out in force, driving residents indoors.

“I haven’t talked to anyone in Ocean Ridge who hasn’t been bothered by no-see-ums,” Robert Happ told Ocean Ridge commissioners in April. “It’s a big, big problem.”

Ocean Ridge sprayed for no-see-ums for two years, but stopped for one year after residents raised concern about the safety of chemical treatment. The Town Commission has asked Clarke Mosquito… Continue

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At 75, Hand's remains ‘Delray Beach 100 percent’

By Cynthia Thuma

Even a village by the sea needs office supplies.

And so, since it began life as a book shop three-quarters of a century ago, Hand’s Office Supply, in the heart of Delray Beach, has endeavored to serve locals’ and visitors’ needs.

From cerulean blue art paint to custom stationery, from columnar pads to office chairs, it’s clear today that the store’s motto, “Hand’s has it,” is no exaggeration.

The Atlantic Avenue business — this year celebrating its… Continue

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Fire station loses rescue transport because of budget constraints: Gulf Stream, Delray Beach

By Margie Plunkett

Delray Beach Fire Station No. 2 — Gulf Stream’s main station — no longer has a rescue transport to accompany its fire engine to calls, the result of a temporary staff change meant to ensure the safety of the station’s firefighters.

The closest available transport from another station will respond when there is a call, Delray Beach Fire Chief David C. James told Gulf Stream commissioners at their April meeting. Commissioners learned of the change shortly before… Continue

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Obituary —Donald W. Amon: Briny Breezes

By Mary Katherine Stump

Briny Breezes — Don Amon, a resident of Briny Breezes and Flint, Mich., died on April 23 at his Michigan residence. He was 84 years old.

Mr. Amon served in the U.S. Marine Corps in the South Pacific during World War II and was married to his wife of 61 years, Colleen Gibbs, shortly after, in 1948.

“I can’t believe I’m going to have to live without him,” said Colleen. “He was the most wonderful husband.” He owned and operated Corunna Road Hardware in… Continue

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Public to be heard on waterway boating: Delray Beach, Briny Breezes

By Mike Readling

Anita Casey watches in dismay every weekend at the activities in her Delray Beach backyard. Many times dismay turns to outright concern. Casey sees boats — all sizes of boats — motoring up and down the Intracoastal Waterway. They pass each other. They overtake one another. They have little regard for the wakes they leave behind.

Then there are the Jet Skiers who climb those wakes and zip in and out among the boats like… Continue

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Hurricane prep tips for homeowners

By Mary Thurwachter

Whether you are a new resident or have lived here long enough to know the drill all too well, everyone needs to know what to do in the event of a hurricane. So pay attention, folks. And, while you’re at it, keep your fingers crossed that this year the big, bad damaging storms steer clear of our coveted coastline.

For starters, hurricane season begins June 1 and continues until Nov. 30.

“We’re laid back but we take this very seriously,” says Manalapan… Continue

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Hurricane Preparedness: A checklist for seasonal condo dwellers

If you’re one of the seasonal residents who spend winter living in a condo near the beach, you’re probably getting ready to pack your bags and head north. Lucky you! You’ve enjoyed the best of Florida’s sunny weather and will escape the muggy summer and fall months, as well as the threat of the dreaded hurricane season.

But before you go, there are a few things you should know. We talked to several local property managers who offered these reminders to get your home prepared for the stormy… Continue

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Paws Up for Pets: Technology helps recover wandering pets

By Arden Moore

Everyone loves a good mystery … that is, until the mystery centers on your missing pet. I know. Years ago, my cat Samantha went missing for 57 days before I was reunited with her.

That was before online pet-finding Web sites, microchipped IDs, pet detectives and high-tech GPS navigational devices that can track pets in real time on your cell phone or home computer.

Are the days of Houdini hounds disappearing? I hope so. Even if you do your best to be good pet… Continue

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Town extends traffic enforcement: Briny Breezes

BRINY BREEZES — The Town Council can enforce traffic citations given on private streets, under a resolution passed in April. The council passed a revised resolution that will be presented to the corporation at a previously scheduled special meeting. Council and corporation said they had not previously formalized their understanding on traffic enforcement, but found that increasing name recognition of Briny Breezes following the proposed sale of the park has boosted traffic as well as illegal… Continue

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Boynton Beach water plant customers will see rates rise: Briny Breezes, Ocean Ridge

By Linda Haase

Residents and businesses in Briny Breezes, Ocean Ridge and parts of Hypoluxo will be hit with higher water bills beginning this month.

The Boynton Beach City Commission voted April 21 to raise rates for 96,000 customers in the city, unincorporated areas to the west, Briny Breezes, Ocean Ridge and parts of Hypoluxo.

The majority of the hike will be in the fixed-base rate — which will more than double — from $6.05 to $13.47 for residential customers outside the… Continue

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Neighbors question Cenacle development plan: Lantana

By Margie Plunkett

The Lantana Town Council set the stage for The Cenacle’s transformation from an Intracoastal spiritual retreat to a luxury resort and spa that would offer repose and tranquility to a new set of patrons.

Despite the objections of neighbors, the council passed an ordinance April 27 to change the land use from residential to commercial, which would open the door for development of the $90 million resort and spa. The sale of… Continue

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10 shells you’re most likely to find on our beaches

10 shells you’re most likely to find on our beaches:

1. Florida Fighting Conch
2. Caribbean Fighting Conch
3. Olive
4. Alphabet Cone
5. Milk Conch
6. Cockle shell
7. Banded Tulip
8. Crown Comb
9. Calico Venus
10. Lightning Whelk

(according to Tom and Paula Honker)

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Diver takes shell collecting to a deeper level: Delray Beach

By Mary Thurwachter

When people find out how dedicated Tom Honker is to shell collecting, they assume he frequently lingers on sandy shores. But that’s not the case.

“I don’t spend much time on the beach,” the Delray Beach conchologist said. “Mostly I’ve been 30 feet or more from the beach diving.”

During a discussion on local shelling at The Sandoway Nature Center on April 23, Honker said “what is found on the beach these days is… Continue

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Everyone has a story to tell: Delray Beach

By Vicki McCash Brennan

People have been sharing stories since the beginning of time. We know myths, legends and fairy tales only because people long ago passed them from generation to generation and place to place.

Although today we have many electronic ways to communicate with each other, people are still telling stories in decidedly low-tech ways.

“Sharing stories across a kitchen table is a wonderful way to… Continue

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Local authorities gain control of private roads: Briny Breezes

Local authorities in the town of Briny Breezes can now issue traffic citations on private streets. With the unanimous passing of a resolution at March’s Town Council meeting, the town acknowledges that it will accept and exercise traffic control jurisdiction over private streets within the town. Mayor Roger Bennett explains that there was a never need for this type of resolution before, because there wasn’t much of a problem with traffic issues on private roads. However, it is now imperative,… Continue

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