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Delray Beach: Fired manager files suit against city

By Jane Smith

   Ex-Delray Beach City Manager Mark Lauzier sued the city on April 29, claiming his firing was in retaliation for not allowing the mayor to fly her 15-year-old son to Tallahassee at taxpayers’ expense.

   Lauzier was fired by the City Commission at a March 1 public meeting after the city’s internal auditor…


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Along the Coast: Years-old tickets stun drivers as Boynton red-light cameras wink back on

By Charles Elmore

An Ocean Ridge resident said he felt “outrage” after receiving a notice in February demanding $401.80 for a 2015 ticket generated by a red-light camera in Boynton Beach.

“Warning: Your license may be suspended,” the letter said.

Three or four years later? Better buckle up.…


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Delray Beach: Beatles on the Beach

ABOVE: The Edgar Winter Band performs during the International Beatles on the Beach Festival at Old School Square. Winter, 72, who has toured with Ringo Starr in recent years, performed Free Ride and Frankenstein. Other singers and bands did Beatles music as well as selections influenced by…


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Along the Coast: Reduce Refuse Rethink

Collecting plastic in trek around state,

former lifeguard says recycling is not enough

ABOVE: Bryan Galvin and Heather Bolint walk the St. Andrews Club beach in Gulf Stream last month as they pick up and…


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Coastal Star: Restaurateur gets taste for worthy causes

Bill Watson of Ocean Ridge and his Big Time Restaurant Group partners own City Oyster in Delray Beach among more than a dozen restaurants. Tim Stepien/The Coastal Star

By Rich Pollack

Bill Watson and his partners in the Big Time Restaurant Group understand what Delray…


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South Palm Beach: Sheriff, Lantana considered for police service

By Dan Moffett

As one, the eight police officers in South Palm Beach have come forward and asked the Town Council to allow their department to join forces with the Palm Beach County Sheriff’s Office.

Council members say they are surprised. And they are listening.

“As a town, we can’t be afraid to look into other options,” said Mayor Bonnie Fischer. “We can’t put blinders on.”

Councilman Mark Weissman said the town has an obligation to listen when an…


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Editor’s Note: What’s a hometown without home rule?

Ah, April. Chamber of Commerce weather, fledgling screech owls in the yard and lingering twilights to enjoy with our neighbors — before the auto transports and seasonal residents bolt for the summer.

By now, most of them have returned to their northern homes and those of us who remain are charged with keeping a protective eye on our coastal paradise.

That means budget hearings! Yes, we need to drag ourselves to commission chambers and engage with issues that promise to affect our…


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Letter to the Editor: Off-color replenishment sand bad for environment and tourism

I moved to Ocean Boulevard in Delray Beach in February 2000. Back then the water was a beautiful Bahamian aqua blue, crystal clear much of the time.

I am not sure which year, but Delray Beach “replenished” its beach, starting 11/2 miles north of our beach. After the first season, the sand that was used for replenishment, which was light brown, moved south and completely changed our water color. There was some silt from this brown sand, but not too bad, as the water would clean in a day…


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Letter to the Editor: Good reporting, no malarkey

Contrary to Richard Lucibella’s angry advertisement in The Coastal Star, this paper has been the voice of the people and represents nearly all of the Ocean Ridge residents. As always, The Coastal Star got the story right, reporting that attorney Richard Slinkman characterized Lucibella as “a sad, little, entitled man who feels that, because he is wealthy, he is above the law and doesn’t need to take responsibility for his own improper actions.”

The quote captures this…


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Ocean Ridge: Police chief wants body cameras to counter ‘air of distrust’

By Dan Moffett

Ocean Ridge commissioners went to a goal-setting workshop thinking their biggest challenge was rebuilding the town’s drainage and wastewater systems.

Then Police Chief Hal Hutchins told them how desperately relations between his officers and residents need rebuilding.

“Right now, unfortunately we’re at a breaking point and I need to come up with a solution to fix the problem,” Hutchins said.

The chief asked the commission to spend about…


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Delray Beach: Marina tenants clearing out for planned renovations

ABOVE: Boat owners at the Delray Beach Municipal Marina’s 24 slips were supposed to have moved their boats by May 1 to make way for renovations to the marina. BELOW LEFT: Marty Shapiro lives with his dog, Kosmos, on a trawler named Valkyries. BELOW RIGHT: Carlos Nin with his…


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Delray Beach: Report to city calls fired manager’s severance demand ‘without merit’

By Jane Smith

Delray Beach’s outside counsel responded to fired City Manager Mark Lauzier’s demand for $500,000 in severance and damages with an April 15 letter that read: “Mr. Lauzier’s claims are wholly without merit.”

Even so, the letter gave him an opportunity to clear his name before the City Commission. As of press time, he had not responded. …


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Manalapan: Town alters building code to allow houses on southern oceanfront

A building code change approved by the Manalapan Commission could allow three single-family homes to be built on the first eastern lots north of the Boynton Inlet. Rendering provided

By Dan Moffett

Manalapan commissioners took a first step toward opening development on the…


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Delray Beach: City goes with new contractor for Phase 2 of beach plan

By Jane Smith

MBR Construction won the bid to construct the second phase of the master beach plan for Delray Beach.

That phase includes beach promenade lighting and intersection improvements between Casuarina Road north to nearly George Bush Boulevard. The project is supposed to be finished in seven months.

Commissioners approved the Fort Lauderdale firm’s bid on April 16, even though at $3.3 million it was about $800,000 more than the bid from West…


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Briny Breezes: Town considers hiring private security guards

By Dan Moffett

Briny Breezes council members are considering hiring a private security firm to work with police as the town prepares to seek applicants for a new law enforcement contract.

Briny’s contract with Boynton Beach police expires on Oct. 1, and Town Manager Dale Sugerman told the council he hopes to advertise for bidders on a new deal this month.

Alderwoman Kathy Gross said the council should explore hiring private security guards to improve the…


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Delray Beach: Diesel trolleys to hang on for another two months

By Jane Smith

Delray Beach city commissioners conceded in mid-April that the diesel-spewing trolleys would have to operate on Atlantic Avenue for another two months. If they hadn’t, First Transit would have stopped driving the city trolleys on April 30.

The reason: The fixed-route contract with the Delray Downtowner won’t be ready until mid-May at the earliest. The cost: $80,000, which will be paid by the city’s Community Redevelopment Agency to First…


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Gulf Stream: Town, O’Boyle at odds over legal fees

By Steve Plunkett

Resident Martin O’Boyle and town officials are girding again for a court battle — this time over how much O’Boyle’s attorneys should be paid in a public records case they won.

O’Boyle’s legal team tallied up its costs at $61,800 and offered to settle the debt for $35,000, Gulf Stream’s outside attorney, Robert Sweetapple, told town commissioners April 12.

Commissioners rejected the settlement offer after Sweetapple told them an expert…


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Delray developer’s appeal rejected by court

By Dan Moffett

Delray Beach developer Anthony Pugliese III has lost another court decision in his fight to avoid paying $23.1 million to the estate of Subway restaurant founder Fred DeLuca.

On April 10, the 4th District Court of Appeal rejected without comment Pugliese’s request for a new trial in the case of the failed partnership…


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County Pocket/Briny Breezes: County allows townhouse project to move forward

County Commissioner Robert Weinroth (left) toured property next to the development site with residents and county engineers. He says the county is working to identify and consider fixes to potential drainage issues. Jerry Lower/The Coastal Star

By Dan Moffett

The pace…


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Delray Beach: Court rejects businessman’s lawsuit against city as premature

By Jane Smith

Delray Beach businessman Billy Himmelrich filed his lawsuit too early against the city, a circuit court judge ruled on April 26.

Judge Jaimie Goodman ruled that Himmelrich and his business partner’s Bert Harris claim was premature, “not yet ripe,” because the partners had not filed an official plan to build more than three stories in the downtown when the city rejected the plan.

Himmelrich texted “No comment” on April 30, when asked whether he…


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