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InterFaith21: Books discussions include culture and religion

By C.B. Hanif

A monthly book discussion group at the Delray Beach Public Library has been getting good reviews for addressing engaging topics. The latest theme: “ ‘The Other’ — Other Cultures and How We View Others,” was intriguing.

So when I heard the title of December’s featured book, and Googled the author, I knew I didn’t want to miss the discussion of The Muslim Next Door — The Qur’an, the Media and That Veil Thing, by Sumbul Ali-Karamali.…


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Paws Up for Pets: Smart choices can save cash over a pet’s lifetime

By Arden Moore

These days, with the price of gas gushing skyward and foreclosure signs littering lawns, penny pinching is now in vogue. We need to figure out ways to s-t-r-e-t-c-h our family budgets and that includes spending on pets.

Unless you’re lucky enough to have a pet that Hollywood howls for — like that lovable South Florida lab named Marley or a marvelous cat named Morris — chances of pocketing an income from your pet’s personality are as likely as having I-95 all to… Continue

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38 Cities hold Election Day on 2nd Tuesday in March,see December 2009 issue of Coastal Star.

38 Cities in the County have Election Day on 2nd Day in March.

Cities who deviate from the County's General Election Date on 2n Tuesday in March,

will have to pay ALL THE COSTS of STAFF, per new accurate Supervisor of Elections

Susan Bucher. She advises to do away with "Helter Skelter" system. When all municipalities have elections on the same day, it will reduce the costs.

A renegade Lake Worth Commissioner 4 years ago changed the date to 1st Tuesday of… Continue

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Manalapan landscape workshop set for Dec. 15

Manalapan will hold a workshop on landscaping in swales at 10 a.m. Dec. 15 at Town Hall. Town Attorney Trela White drafted a proposed ordinance after discussions on what vegetation should be allowed in swales. The workshop continues the discussion that has focused on protecting infrastructure in swales including electric lines.
The regular commission meeting will be held at 1 p.m. on that day.
— Margie Plunkett

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A Coastal Star: Teen ‘attorney’ now finds challenge as the real thing

By Ron Hayes

One day in 2000, a high school freshman from Ocean Ridge decided to volunteer as an “attorney” in the county's Youth Court.

Anthony Arash Arsali would alternately act as both prosecutor and defense “attorney” in determining appropriate sentences for fellow teens who had already pled guilty to relatively minor crimes such as shoplifting and marijuana possession.

A teen who had painted a swastika on a water tower, for… Continue

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Along the Avenues: Blues, food and a beachy resort

By Thom Smith

Maria Muldaur, Devon Allman, Cephas & Wiggins, Marcia Ball, John Hammond, John Sebastian. For nearly a decade, appearances by such acts made the Bamboo Room in Lake Worth one of the premier live music venues in the Southeast. But when the economy went south two years ago, the performers decided they weren’t about to follow, and with much regret Russ Hibbard decided to shut down.

“We remain optimistic that the cultural and economic climate will improve,”… Continue

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Big crowd bounces around ideas for beach area

See more photos from the event

By Kelly Wolfe

They’d streamed in throughout the morning: deeply tan folks with knitted brows sporting flip flops, shorts, Hawaiian-print shirts and dozens of palm tree insignias — serious beach dwellers. The sign on the door said the room accommodated no more than 70, but that number had been… Continue

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New rules for golf carts get first approval

By Margie Plunkett

Golf carts with speeds under 20 mph will be subject to regulations designed to enforce responsible driving, according to a Gulf Stream town ordinance in the works that stops short of requiring operators to have a valid driver’s license.

State laws already regulate golf carts with higher speeds — and require a driver’s license.

Gulf Stream’s regulations would limit the number of people riding in the cart to the number of seats and would prohibit standing,… Continue

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Town manager decides to move on

By Margie Plunkett

Help Wanted: Manalapan town manager.

Manalapan is in the market for a new town manager after Gregory Dunham, who has filled the role for most of this decade, told commissioners at their November meeting he is retiring from municipal government and will step down early next year.

“I’ve been a city manager for 28 years,” Dunham said in an interview later. “While I enjoyed every part of it, I would like to try something else. It’s a personal choice; I’m not… Continue

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Towns may fall in line on election dates

By Margie Plunkett

Election day in Ocean Ridge and Manalapan may find a permanent home on the second Tuesday in March if commissioners in each town follow through on preliminary approvals in November.

Most of the 38 cities in Palm Beach County hold municipal elections on that date, but Ocean Ridge, Manalapan, Palm Beach and Jupiter Inlet Colony are among those that don’t. Ocean Ridge’s last elections were the second Tuesday in February; Manalapan’s were the first Tuesday in March —… Continue

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Protection sought for dwindling loggerhead population

By Nirvi Shah

Loggerhead sea turtles nested in smaller numbers this year than they did 20 years ago, says one international research and advocacy group pushing to change loggerheads’ status from threatened to endangered.

“The data is disappointing but not surprising,” said Kerri Lynn Miller, a marine scientist at Oceana.

“The downward trend will only continue unless permanent protections are established.”

The group said 90 percent of loggerhead nesting in the United… Continue

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For everything there is a season

In our household, the word November has a unique usage. To us it means sadness, the blues. As in, “I have a bad case of the Novembers.”

It’s been that way for about 10 years now, since a series of losses initiated this annual sense of dread. Through the years, the month’s prophetic shadow has continued to prove true.

This past month was no different. Gone are friends, acquaintances, long-time family pets, and still with us are the intractable horrors reported daily in the… Continue

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More to being a patriot than flying the flag

As an American and veteran, I am very pleased when condo- and homeowners fly the flag on Veterans Day. However, I am very displeased knowing that some of these owners plant impatiens, over-water their grass so that the roots rot and it has to be replaced frequently, and let their sprinklers overspray onto the road, bicycle lanes and sidewalks.

There is more to being a good American than just flying the flag. Good Americans act responsibly by preserving our valuable resources and showing… Continue

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Small town is big on culture and education

By Christine Davis

The town of South Palm Beach may be small — a short stretch of about five-eighths-mile long, and a sliver less than a city block wide — but it stands gloriously high in its salute (and commitment) to art, music and education.

This year, the town’s Community Affairs Advisory Board rolls out its 14th cultural program. Its first-of-the-season art exhibit is already up and running and “Spotlight,” its music and lecture series, goes into full swing in… Continue

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Three planning board members face ethics complaint

By Tim O’Meilia

The shadow of a proposed 10-story hotel — rejected by a single vote by the South Palm Beach Town Council in October — continues to darken town politics.

Urged by one of the owners of the Palm Beach Oceanfront Inn, the council voted 3-2 on Nov. 18 to file a complaint with the state ethics commission against three town planning board members. Moments earlier, the council declined to remove two members from the board by a 3-2 vote.

Mayor Martin Millar charged… Continue

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City buildings’ future prompts tense exchange

By Thomas R. Collins

A debate over east vs. west — and where the City Hall and police station belong — has erupted in Boynton Beach, fraught with questions over the identity of the city, biting exchanges between city commissioners and impassioned pleas from residents that the city’s headquarters stay near the coast.

City commissioners have decided to ask voters whether they want to pay for a new police station in the already existing Renaissance Commons complex on Congress Avenue,… Continue

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Church marks pastor’s quarter-century

By C.B. Hanif

How typical of Dr. Theodore “Ted” Bush: His church congregation was celebrating him. But he was celebrating them.

That would be the First Presbyterian Church of Delray Beach, whose members assemble at a historic site a block from the ocean, and whose letterhead proclaims it “The Community Church by the Sea.”

Two Nov. 8 services marked their senior pastor’s 25 years. Yet during those services, which featured classical… Continue

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Lighting survey illuminates turtle hatchlings’ challenge

By Nirvi Shah

A two-year survey of lighting violations along Palm Beach County’s coast found just about what sea turtle protectors expected: More than 40 percent of the properties on the beach have lights that could lead hatchlings astray.

The findings have led to questions about the effectiveness of a county law that allows some cities to monitor lighting violations on their own.

The way the 20-year-old law works, the county is… Continue

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Book now to celebrate library’s past, future

By Margie Plunkett

The Delray Beach Library is commemoratining its 96th year at a December meeting and celebrating four years at the current location in January with its annual Laugh with the Library fundraiser.

“The library is older than the town of Delray Beach,” said Library Director Alan Kornblau. The nonprofit library, the only one in Florida except for a Winter Park library, was founded in 1913 by the Ladies Improvement… Continue

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Dessert shop duo melt away

Both employees forced to hand over free ice cream to an insistent Delray Beach police officer last April have since moved on to other professions, a co-owner of the shop said.

One employee is now in the medical profession and the other — in an ironic twist — works at the Broward County State Attorney’s office, said Randy Schmidt, a co-owner of the Ben & Jerry’s on East Atlantic Avenue in Delray Beach. Schmidt said he wasn’t in the shop the night his employees were held up for two… Continue

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