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Lantana: Artists sought for sculpture to be unveiled during town’s centennial celebration

As part of Lantana’s centennial celebration next year, the town is reaching out to Florida artists to create a nautical-themed sculpture for Bicentennial Park at 321 East Ocean Avenue.

Nadine Shawah, the town’s parks and recreation coordinator, says proposals should include a description and concept drawing of a minimum size of 16 foot sculpture, minimum of two benches, sculpture lighting, materials that are weather and hurricane proof, warranty information and a plaque with approved…


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Delray Beach: Because of rain, the beach reopens without restrictions

By Jane Smith

 The Delray Beach city manager lifted most restrictions on the municipal beach on May 24.

The beach restrooms will remain closed.

“The meteorologists are expecting rain for the next few days. The rain should take care of everyone’s concerns about overcrowding at the beach,” City Manager George Gretsas, wrote in an email sent about 1 p.m. to city commissioners and the mayor.

“And since Broward County will be opening their beaches on…


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Beaches open! A cautious step toward normal

Morgan Didio, a student at Lynn University, walks with her friend Emma Fleurian, a student at FAU, along the beach at South Beach Park in Boca Raton the morning of May 18, the day Palm Beach County reopened the beaches. They were closed for weeks because of the deadly coronavirus pandemic. Tim Stepien/The Coastal…


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Delray Beach: Reclaimed water project was mismanaged, city admits

By Jane Smith

The city’s reclaimed water program, spawned in 2006 with the intent to stop the spewing of millions of gallons of wastewater into the ocean each year, was haunted from the beginning by mismanagement and lack of oversight, City Manager George Gretsas said on May 5.

“There was negligence and a lot of things that should not have happened,” Gretsas told Delray Beach city commissioners at their virtual meeting. “The mismanagement is very…


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Behind masks: Service club stitchers unite to shield workers

Nurses at Delray Medical Center model the masks provided by Briny Breezes seamstresses. Photo provided

By Ron Hayes

Their mission began in March, when dozens of women took up battle positions at sewing machines along our coast.

Day after day, week after…


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Letter to the Editor: Swimmer laments halt to beach exercise regimen

Friday, May 1, was a beautiful morning. The ocean was radiantly supercharged from the rainstorm the preceding afternoon and crystal-clear smooth from a cool, offshore breeze. How well I know and love these weather metrics!

Under normal circumstances, I would have pursued my swimming regimen: 350 strokes freestyle out, float, pause, somersault in about 10 feet of water a half-dozen times, 350 strokes parallel to the shore and then back to sun dry on a beach towel. Then I…


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Letter to the Editor: Mayor asks Ocean Ridge residents to stay vigilant

While many of us could choose to live anywhere in the world, we chose to live in Ocean Ridge because it is a small, welcoming and tightknit community. We love the beach, we love interacting with our neighbors, we love our freedom and we love our police force and safety.

I ask that we embrace these strong core values as we continue to transition to our “new normal.”

We have pulled together as a community. We have made meals and regularly check on our…


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Ocean Ridge: Misdemeanor conviction to stay on Lucibella’s record

By Steve Plunkett

Businessman and magazine publisher Richard Lucibella has lost his courtroom quest to be cleared of all charges resulting from a backyard dustup with police in 2016 when he was the town’s vice mayor.

The 4th District Court of Appeal affirmed without comment Lucibella’s February 2019 conviction of…


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Delray Beach: City pays de Jesus $136,000 upon exit

By Jane Smith

When Neal de Jesus abruptly left the Delray Beach fire chief position earlier this year, he received $136,300.56. His contract called for 180 days’ pay, or $131,198.40. “The 180 was not severance,” City Attorney Lynn Gelin wrote in an April 15 email to the city manager. “Instead of keeping him on paid leave during the 180 (which would have included payment for his benefits, his housing allowance, his use of the city vehicle, and his phone allowance),…


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Highland Beach: Town wants to curtail transfer of offshore sand to neighboring cities

By Rich Pollack

In what might be shaping up as part of a continuing battle over beach-compatible sand offshore, Highland Beach is hoping to find ways to keep the valued but rapidly vanishing resource off its coast from going to neighboring cities.

It may be an uphill fight, however. The town has no legal claim to the sand used to replenish beaches, according to one attorney who specializes in coastal issues, and state regulators have already approved plans…


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Boca Raton: Interim police chief gets full reins to department

By Mary Hladky

Michele Miuccio, who had served as Boca Raton’s interim police chief since Dec. 1, has been promoted to police chief.

She assumed her new role on April 27.

Miuccio has been with the department for more than 30 years, starting as an officer and rising through the ranks to deputy chief.…


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Along the Coast: Boynton, Delray name new fire chiefs

By Jane Smith

Boynton Beach and Delray Beach have promoted their interim fire chiefs to chief in their respective cities.

In Boynton Beach, Matthew S. Petty, 39, was promoted to fire chief on March 9 by the Boynton Beach city manager.

In Delray Beach, Louis “Keith” Tomey III, who had served as interim…


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Along the Coast: Larcenies account for small towns’ uptick in reported crimes

Increase mainly due to thefts from unlocked cars

By Rich Pollack

South Palm Beach County’s small coastal communities saw crime increase in 2019, bucking both countywide and state trends, but their total…


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Ocean Ridge: Discussion is short-lived on merger with sheriff

By Dan Moffett

With rising personnel costs, multiple drainage issues and a massive septic-to-sewer conversion project looming, Ocean Ridge commissioners knew this would be a difficult budget cycle.

Then the new coronavirus struck, bringing with it potential revenue losses. Local gas and fuel tax, local sales tax, building permit proceeds, state revenue sharing, even earned interest from town savings — all figure to decline because of the impact of…


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Briny Breezes: Town asks state to slow boaters near marina

By Dan Moffett

Briny Breezes is hoping there’s strength in numbers of neighbors when it comes to slowing down boaters in the Intracoastal Waterway.

The Town Council voted unanimously on April 23 to adopt a resolution that calls on the Florida Fish and Wildlife Conservation Commission to create an “idle speed, no-wake” zone adjacent to the Briny marina.

The resolution is modeled after one passed by Delray Beach in February. And council members…


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Gulf Stream: Plan presented to widen streets, fix roadway ponds

By Steve Plunkett

Sections of the town’s narrowest roads could be widened at least 2 feet to combat water ponding on the pavement and ruts from vehicles that go off the asphalt.

The widening project, estimated to cost $238,386, could be finished by next winter. The proposal is posted on the town’s website,, for townsfolk to review.

“I think it’s something that the core [area]…


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Delray Beach: Commissioner Boylston agrees to fine to settle ethics violation case

By Jane Smith

Delray Beach Vice Mayor Ryan Boylston has agreed to pay $2,000 for violating state ethics laws over votes taken when he was a board member of a taxpayer-funded agency.

At the June 5 state Commission on Ethics meeting, commissioners plan to review a stipulation of facts concerning two ethics violations when…


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Along the Coast: Virus makes hurricane shelter planning even more vital

By Rich Pollack

Should a hurricane threaten this year, residents could have to choose between leaving their homes to avoid water and wind or remaining home to avoid contracting a deadly and highly contagious virus.

The decision, emergency managers say, is an easy one.

“Don’t not evacuate because of the coronavirus,” says Bill Johnson, director of Palm Beach County’s Emergency Management division.

Throughout Palm Beach…


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Along the Coast: A good rule of foot -- Step aside but not onto road shoulder

Pedestrians in Highland Beach demonstrate good personal protection and social distancing. Although the man on the right can see oncoming traffic and gives the couple on the left plenty of room, police say it’s safer for walkers to stay off road shoulders or bike lanes. Tim Stepien/The Coastal…


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Along the Coast: Care facilities ask for compassion, help amid struggles with virus

By Charles Elmore

Even as Florida moves to reopen many businesses, COVID-19 deaths of residents at 18 long-term care facilities in or near Boynton Beach, Delray Beach and Boca Raton add to a mounting statewide toll that frustrates hopes to relax visitor restrictions at centers that care for older and medically vulnerable people.

By May 18, deaths among residents and staff at long-term care facilities around the state passed 900, state records show. That…


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