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DELRAY BEACH, Fla., – Feb. 5, 2010 – Beginning Friday, Feb. 19th, Taizé prayer services will resume at First Presbyterian Church of Delray Beach located at 33 Gleason St. The 8:00 am Friday morning services will continue through Good Friday, April 2nd and will be led by Parish Associate Reverend Linda Harper and musician…


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Boynton Beach: Coming to a major intersection near you: Walmart?

By Thomas R. Collins

For years, city planners in Boynton Beach have been trying to cultivate an urban feel to Federal Highway, with attractive buildings close to the roadways to make life more pleasant for walkers and to draw new residents to the east.

Now, here comes along a business that has a reputation of being about as un-urban as you can get: Wal-Mart Stores Inc.

The big-box staple of small-town, rural life wants to build a store at the city’s southern entryway: the… Continue

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Lantana: Bornstein requests — and gets — a pay cut

The Lantana council approved Town Manager Mike Bornstein’s annual evaluation and accepted Bornstein’s proposal to reduce his salary of $102,000 to $97,000 and to extend his contract through 2012.

Council approved it despite sentiment voiced by several members that Bornstein was worth his salary — and that they would only support the proposal because he asked them to.

Bornstein, who also drew praise from residents attending the meeting, said later that over the last couple of years he… Continue

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Officials monitor tragedy, prepare for mass exodus from Haiti

By Dianna Smith

As the world watches Haiti’s collapse just a few hundred miles from South Florida, are preparing for some of Haiti to end up right here, along Palm Beach County’s shores.

The Jan. 12 earthquake that killed hundreds of thousands in the poor, desolate country prompted Palm Beach County Emergency Management Center Director Charles Tear to meet with city representatives recently; assuring them the EOC is ready should a mass exodus head our way. The county has a mass… Continue

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Rip currents are the biggest danger in the ocean

By Ron Hayes

In 1975, Steven Spielberg made a movie called Jaws, and we’ve all been terrified of shark attacks ever since.

John Fletemeyer wishes he’d made Rips instead.

By any measure, rip currents are far more deadly than sharks, and South Florida’s winter season brings together both the rough seas that help spawn them and the family and friends from up north who know the least about them.

“In reality, sharks account for only one or two serious incidents a year in… Continue

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Proposal would have Boynton fire rescue respond to ‘pocket’

By Nirvi Shah

The November night Bill Dunn choked to death, it took Palm Beach County Fire Rescue nearly 13 minutes to get to his home just outside the Boynton Beach city limits.

During the painful wait for paramedics, the dispatcher tried to help Dunn’s friends fill his lungs with air, and get him to vomit and dislodge the food caught in his throat. His friends attempted to follow the dispatcher’s instructions, pleading with the dispatcher to send help, but Dunn had a… Continue

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Coastal Star: Marine gave mom early hint of direction

Looking back, there really wasn’t much doubt about what John D. O’Connell was going to be when he grew up. “I have a picture of him when he was 3,” said his mother, Debby O’Connell, a Realtor with Hampton Real Estate in Ocean Ridge. “He was saluting.”

Flash forward 21 years. The saluting toddler is now a 24-year-old Marine, a first lieutenant stationed in Afghanistan.

“When he heard he was going to Afghanistan, he was thrilled,” Debby… Continue

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Editorial: Just the facts ma'am

We don’t publish advertorials.

You know: the stuff that looks like a news story, but when you begin to read it you recognize it as being purely promotional.

It’s been suggested by other small publishers that we do this as a way to increase revenue and get editorial content for free.

We won’t.

True, we are trying to make a living from The Coastal Star, but we are also attempting to deliver a publication that is trusted by our readers. That’s important to us.

We… Continue

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New sea turtle rehab center comes to the rescue in a big way

By Mary Thurwachter

January’s longer-than-ever cold snap had us all crawling under our covers and turning up the heat. But for sea turtles, warming up wasn’t so easy.

When the water dropped below the normal body temperature of the cold-blooded sea turtles, their metabolic rate dropped as well. They became lethargic and stopped swimming and eating. Many were left floating, and sometimes washed ashore.

By the middle of the month,… Continue

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BRINY BREEZES: Officer finds quiet town a contrast to Boynton

By Kelly Wolfe

It’s 8:03 on a Saturday night in January — arguably the busy season — on a mild evening just after the cold snap.

Boynton Beach Police Officer Mike Mulcahy is on duty. In the past hour and a half, he’s cruised each Briny street; shined his spotlight in between each trailer; walked the length of the clubhouse and checked the beach for vagrants. He’s sat at the red light; shined lights on the boats and been invited to a… Continue

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LANTANA: More beach access points put forth

By Margie Plunkett

Lantana isn’t obligated to provide beach access to its neighbors, as far as the county’s concerned, and an increasingly obstinate Mayor David Stewart said he told the county that Lantana won’t allow it for anything less than a six-digit fee. Mayor and council also planned to send a letter to South Palm Beach to set it straight on the facts in that town’s correspondence with the county.

The saga of beach access started late last year as the ocean rolled up to… Continue

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Ocean Ridge: Colonial Ridge residents seek access control

By Margie Plunkett

Colonial Ridge Club residents want to put up gates to stop motorists and pedestrians from cutting through the property located between A1A and Old Ocean Boulevard as well as using the condo’s parking spaces.

A group of residents and officers appeared before Ocean Ridge commissioners in January, requesting permission to install an electric gate at the A1A entrance of the condominiums at 5505 N. Ocean Blvd., which would be attached to a wall that already… Continue

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OCEAN RIDGE: Town Hall to feature artists’ work

By Linda Haase

The walls in Ocean Ridge Town Hall will be transformed from stark to spectacular this month.

Instead of white, barren space, visitors and staff will be greeted by vibrant watercolors depicting banyan trees, feeding koi and palm fronds, oils portraying stunning horizons and intriguing bronze sculptures.

The exhibit — which kicks off with an open house/silent auction/meet the artists at 6 p.m. Feb. 25 — will be displayed for two months.

“Since its official… Continue

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Along the Avenues: Five ♥ recommendations for Valentine's Day

By Thom Smith

Virginia may be for lovers, but let’s face it, if you could choose where to be on Valentine’s Day, which would you prefer: some icy condo along the Chesapeake Bay or one of the choice beachfront resorts along A1A between Lake Worth and Highland Beach? To sweeten the pot, several of our local resorts are offering lovebird specials that show off the best in their bedrooms and their kitchens.

♥ While the Palm Beaches have nothing to compare to the Seine, The… Continue

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BRINY BREEZES: Theft spree unsettles residents, police advise locking cars

By Margie Plunkett

A rash of burglaries from parked autos this month sent Briny Breezes residents a clear message: Lock your cars.

Boynton Beach police arrested a suspect, the 21-year-old son of a Briny Breezes resident, on Jan. 27 after GPS units, cash and other valuables were swiped from several cars in the area, none of them locked. At least two unlocked homes also were burglarized of computer equipment, camera and cash in the same timeframe, although it was unclear if the cases… Continue

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Haiti Relief —How you can help


Boynton Beach fire stations: Station No. 4 at 1919 Federal Highway, and Station No. 5 at 2080 High Ridge Road, are accepting food, water, medical supplies and diapers.

The Catholic Diocese of Palm Beach is collecting money for the Catholic Relief Services. Checks can be sent to Catholic Relief Services, P.O. Box 17090, Baltimore, MD 21203. Write “earthquake in Haiti” in the memo field or call 1-877-435-7277.

Community Caring Center of Boynton… Continue

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Delray men among earliest responders to Haiti

By Christine Davis

Frank McKinney, Delray Beach real estate developer and founder of the Haitian charitable foundation The Caring House Project, has been chartering planes to travel to Port-au-Prince, Haiti, along with medical and search-and-rescue experts.

Four Delray Beach firefighters — Ed Beardsley, Ed Crelin, Steve Moews and Greg Tabeek — were part of the first group to respond in… Continue

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Mayfair House board offers beach access to Imperial House

By Tim O’ Meilia

The Mayfair House has come to the rescue of the Imperial House, a nearby six-story co-operative in South Palm Beach in danger of collapsing into the Atlantic Ocean during another angry nor’easter.

The Mayfair House, five buildings north, has offered to allow its neighbors access to the beach through its parking lot for the equipment and materials necessary to build a seawall to protect the Imperial House against the encroaching ocean.

“It’s humanitarian,” said… Continue

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SOUTH PALM BEACH: Planning board members keep seats

By Tim O’Meilia

For the second time in three months, South Palm Beach Mayor Martin Millar’s attempt to remove three planning board members failed by an identical 3-2 vote.

The mayor called for the removal of planning board Chairman Mike Nevard and members Pat Festino and Dee Robinson at the Jan. 26 Town Council meeting after a fourth planning board member, Michael Mead, complained that the three had conflicts of interest in considering a proposed 10-story hotel.

“Why is everyone… Continue

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Filing open for March 9 municipal elections

By Margie Plunkett

Municipal elections are scheduled for Tuesday, March 9, and candidates for open seats face deadlines in the second week of February.

Election dates at seven municipalities in The Coastal Star’s coverage area run in synch with Palm Beach County Supervisor of Election’s uniform election date this year, the second Tuesday of March. All but one town has seats up for election, although all contenders won’t be known until the end of the candidate qualifying… Continue

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