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Sunrise - A New Day, A New Beginning

The universe is so good, it is always giving us symbols of wonder and delight that we incorporate into our lives. For instance, sunrise — a perfect example of beauty, new beginnings, and the constancy of a power and presence greater than ourselves. Every morning we are assured that all is well in the world, no matter what latest drama or trauma has been broadcast. All is well in the world; the sun has risen in a most magnificent way.

The sunrise speaks to us daily and says, “Dare to… Continue

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Open letter from former Palm Beach County Commissioner Mary McCarty

Who hasn't longed to attend their own funeral? To hear the eulogies, to see who says what, to learn what people really think about, and are willing to say in public about your life's legacy. For the past week or two, it's as if I have been at my own funeral, and I have to say, it's not exactly the stuff of dreams. To be honest, my legacy isn't either.

When I resigned from public office I apologized to my fellow commissioners and the other public employees with whom I've worked for 18… Continue

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Four years later, WXEL deal still undone

By Thomas R. Collins

Barry University took over the license of the WXEL radio and TV stations 11 years ago — and seven years later, put up a for-sale sign.

The sign is still up. The four-year effort at a sale has left the future of Palm Beach County public broadcasting up in the air.

Now, there might be an end in sight.

The Palm Beach County School District is making a bid to buy the station. And Miami-based WPBT, which runs the public station Channel… Continue

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Readings can prompt new view of poetry—and maybe of life: Delray Beach

By Greg Stepanich

DELRAY BEACH — Four hours after the oath of office is administered to Barack Obama, a group of professional writers and everyday folks will gather around a microphone at the Crest Theatre in Delray Beach to read eight-line poems inspired by the event they have just witnessed, the inauguration of the 44th president of the United States.

Poems written to mark a society's public events are a tradition old as humanity itself, but they're something new for… Continue

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10 Questions: Michiko Kurisu (Delray Beach)

Meet Your Neighbor

Michiko Kurisu is committed to the idea of substantial, provocative art in public spaces. A 10-year resident of coastal Delray Beach, she has built a career in art, photography and design. Most recently she unveiled a permanent light-based art installation at the southeast corner of Veterans Park in Delray Beach — under the Atlantic Avenue Bridge. Michiko is a graduate of Brown University with coursework at the Rhode Island School of Design. She has lived and… Continue

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Golf cart ban debated: Gulf Stream

By Antigone Barton

GULF STREAM — The troubles that follow youth and wheels know no borders, and so, in December, Gulf Stream town commissioners discussed the need to crack down on those who would turn town streets into a playground.

The issue, here, however, was not drag-racing muscle cars or cruising Camaros, but golf carts. Or, as Mayor William Koch put it, citing a spate of recent complaints: “The problem of these kids driving golf carts down the streets, over lawns,… Continue

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Atlantic Plaza II gains first approvals: Delray Beach

By Hector Florin

Calling CDS International Holdings’ redevelopment plan crucial to downtown’s makeup, city commissioners on Dec. 9 supported the first of several approvals to remake a two-block area on Atlantic Avenue west of Veterans Park.

Three of six proposed buildings in the office-condo-retail complex can go up to 60 feet high, or five stories, which is 12 feet above city guidelines. Other approvals are pending over at least the next three months, including a shift of… Continue

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Thanks! Holiday bonus traditions vary: Gulf Stream, Ocean Ridge, Manalapan, Briny Breezes, Lantana, Delray Beach

By Antigone Barton

The grinch who stole the economy left the holidays untouched in the season just passed, as towns took second looks at pay raises, but followed their standing traditions of glad tidings to staff members. In some towns that meant hefty stocking stuffers, but in some it meant that December was just another month. Falling into the first category was Gulf Stream, where the 17 staff members got — a lot. How much is as elusive as a Santa Claus spotting, as the gift comes… Continue

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More of same: Committee says best option for Boynton inlet is leaving it alone: Boynton Beach, Lantana, Hypoluxo Island, Ocean Ridge, Briny Breezes, Manalapan

By Thomas R. Collins

BOYNTON BEACH — Drumroll, please.

After two years of meetings over how to change the Boynton Inlet in response to safety and environmental concerns, the answer is … keeping it the same?

Possibly. The Boynton Inlet Committee in December ranked a series of options — including either widening or deepening the inlet, or both — but the option that racked up the most points was that old standby choice: “Status quo.” Too many members of the… Continue

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League of Women Voters: Gulf Stream

Supervisor of Elections-Elect, Susan Bucher speaks at the annual League of Women Voter’s holiday event at the Gulf Stream home of League president Pamela S. Goodman on Dec. 22. Bucher spoke about the challenges of her up-coming position including the storage and handling of 1.7 tons of paper from the two-page ballots used in the last general election.

The invited League members, guests and some recently elected officials contributed money and food for the Homeless Coalition of Palm… Continue

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YMCA: Manalapan, Ocean Ridge, Boynton Beach

Manalapan Commissioner Peter Blum joins Ocean Ridge Mayor Ken Kaleel at the DeVos-Blum YMCA annual breakfast. This year’s Partner With Youth Campaign received donations totaling $433,000 — exceeding by almost 25 percent the 2007 campaign results. Both Blum and Kaleel are on the board of trustees and volunteers in the campaign.

More than 75 donations of $1,200 and greater were received, including support from the YMCA’s longtime benefactor, Peter Blum. Blum’s gifts over the years have… Continue

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Allison – Sovelove: Ocean Ridge

Dr. Lynn Allison and Harvey Sovelove were married Nov. 23 at the bride’s home in Ocean Ridge, surrounded by family and friends from all stages of their lives.

The groom’s grandson’s Tyler and Jack Sovelove of Lopez, Washington served as ring bearers. The bride’s goddaughter Karlee served as flower girl.

The bride has resided in Ocean Ridge for 11 years after living previously in Barbados. The groom is from Brooklyn, N.Y., and Boca Raton.

The bride is an Ocean… Continue

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Briny Breezes Briefs

Proposed Briny stock sale status report : In a letter dated Dec. 8, 2008, attorneys for Duane Morris prepared a statement for Briny Breezes stockholders regarding their efforts to finalize a stock sale proposal. According to the letter, after the original stock purchaser, Ocean Land Investments, pulled out, the second highest bidder wrote a letter expressing interest in acquiring Briny Breezes. That party submitted a detailed term sheet outlining the basic business terms under which they… Continue

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Boynton Woman's Club celebrates centennial

By Ron Hayes

BOYNTON BEACH — On a winter's day in 1909, the Norwegian sailing ship Coquimbo ran aground on the coral reef off Boynton Beach, and refused to budge.

But come May, the spring storms at last accomplished what a steam-powered tug from Key West had failed to do. The ship's hull cracked, and a cargo of longleaf pine lumber washed ashore — and became the first Boynton Woman's Club.

The lumber, once bound for Europe, was used to build the fledgling civic… Continue

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Some give a ‘wild thought’ or two to Boynton’s future

By Hector Florin

BOYNTON BEACH — Executives of a company responsible for one of the city’s largest developments have recently held discussions with city leaders to offer ideas for the future location of government buildings and downtown redevelopment.

Mayor Jerry Taylor and City Manager Kurt Bressner met with the developers before the Dec. 16 City Commission meeting. At the meeting, Taylor brought up the subject of a company’s having an interest in finding a new location… Continue

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Beach house size debated: Manalapan

By Antigone Barton

MANALAPAN — When is a beach house a house on the beach?

Is a kitchen the difference between a cabana and a home?

Perhaps size really does matter, if, as one zoning commissioner asserted, “anything larger than 1,000 square feet is a house.”

Until those are decided, the difference between a dwelling and a well-equipped changing room may be as subtle as the inflection with which zoning commissioners at their December meeting said… Continue

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Preserve America: Delray Beach

Delray Beach was recently honored when first lady Laura Bush, honorary chair of the Preserve America initiative, designated the city as one of the nation’s newest Preserve America Communities. Delray Beach is the first community in Palm Beach County to receive this designation.

Delray’s collaboration with the Delray Beach Historical Society on the Ethel Sterling Williams History Learning Center Project (also known as the Hunt House), qualified Delray Beach for this… Continue

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A Coastal Star: Ocean Ridge

Ocean Ridge resident Cindy Martel is the founder and organizer of the Race for Faith 5K Run & Walk. All of the profits from the race go to local charities. The first two years, the proceeds went to help the inner city kids of West Palm Beach and for the last three years, the proceeds have gone to First Priority, an organization that helps kids on public high school campuses gather to celebrate their faith.

Now in its sixth year, the race started with about 100 runners. On its… Continue

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Tiny whitefly has big impact on ficus hedges: Gulf Stream, Briny Breezes, Manalapan, Ocean Ridge, Palm Beach

By Antigone Barton

The little white fly that arrived about six months ago is so small that a magnifying glass is recommended to properly search for it.

But since its arrival, it has stripped away barriers between public and private property, cost scores of homeowners tens of thousands of dollars apiece, and done what neither drought or native plant enthusiasts could do — made people question the value of their ficus hedges.

The whitefly, which hails from Asia,… Continue

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