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  • Thank you!

  • Thank you!  I’ve seen the paper version on my walks and where I live we do not get 5hem... so I searched for an online version.  Looking forward to keeping up on the news in our community.

  • Thank you!  Happy to be here.  How do I add pictures for this event I posted once I've already posted it?  

  • Thank you very much Mrs. Leming. Sincerely, Samuel.

  • Hi Kate - We really still miss Tim O'Meilia here in SPB. We don't thing he would have

    been so disrespectful and reported the newly sworn in mayor under "in other business".

    It was an insult to the residents here in town.

  • Thank you, Mary!

  • Thankyou...just looking over and learning about the website!

  • We have a darling puppy, Avery is a 6 month old cavapoo and honestly everyone that meets her falls in love ! If interested please let me know if you need her for your "puppy love" photo shoot. Love your articles!
  • Happy Birthday, Mary Kate.  Thanks for all you do!

  • Thank you Mary Kate. You write very well. Keep the reports of the Ocean Ave. bridge progress coming. This site is practically the only good and consistent source for local Lantana information on the internet.
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