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  • thanks. what's the news this morning?


  • Thank you very much.

  • Really hope you can make this month's Art Walk7961612090?profile=original

    District Art Walk May 24!
    Pinterest ActivistArtistA Gallery Organized by Rolando Chang Barrero The most talked about Art Walk in Palm Beach Co...
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  • Mary, 

    Thank you for doing such a wonderful job getting the online presence of this fantastic gem of a paper to mirror the hard copy version.  Keep up the good work, we will all be watching, reading and cheering you on.   Jennifer Kilpatrick

  • HI, Mary


    SO GLAD the newspaper is doing so well.  You do a GREAT job .. sharp!  Say HI to your brother!  (Former neighbors at I-207 Palm Dr.


    Bob & Sue Warren



  • Thanks Mary Kate. Want to keep I touch while up north this summer. Love the paper and all the great pics. Lynn
  • If you feel you have to edit my comments, I suppose you can, but I don't really approve.  You didn't edit Sgt Jacobson's comments, so why should mine be changed?  He deserves censure for his insensitivity and if journalistic codes of conduct require you to report what people say when they are interviewed, I would think that the same standards apply to what people say when they write letters to the editor.  Why is it OK to change my words but not his?    


    M. Theall

    330-314-2445  3409 Swallow Hollow Dr., Poland, OH  44514

  • Thank you, Mary Kate, for the personal welcome and I appreciate your paper sending someone out to cover my Etiquette and Life Skills classes for the kids and teens. 

    Sherry Thomas

    Palm Beach Etiquette and Life Skills

  • Thank you for the warm welcome, Mary Kate!
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