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  • Maty Kate, we are having a problem with the USPS at Briny Breezes and it has to do with a certain class of mail that requests adress verification by the vendor. If the mail is forwarded (most of the residents do this to their Northern address) the vendor (most bills use this including FPL, citizens etc.) requests that they be notified of the address change to udate their permanent address file. The Boynton Beach Post office will not allow Briny to forward this mail by crossing out the request text. This is causing, in my case the August FPL bill to be finally forwarded by Briny (with new postage in a separate envelope with new postage affixed), to be delivered to me in Oct. The Citizens bill to be returned to the sender and luckily we called and arranged payment over the phone. Briny picks up the mail delivers to full time residents and forwards mail up North. All the mail you don't need gets forwarded fine but the address correcition mail is being sent back to Briny for what they consider proper handling, which means gouging us for additional postage. Calls to Boynton Post Office fall on deaf ears, that is if you are lucky enough for anyone to answer. Briny, I feel, is doing the USPS a favor by providing this service and not insisting that the USPS do this service that every other Post office does for free. Knowing that our Coastal community has many people that live in Condo type units, is anyone else having problems like this. I thought this might be a forum for this question, thanks, Paul and Anita
  • I am still not getting my paper...I am lonesome for Fl. news.....Thanks for your help...I know I can read it on line but I love holding the paper with the "good" paper
  • Well thank you for the welcome.
    : )
  • Am delighted to be a member. The Coastal Star will begin coverage of South Palm Beach next month so I am inviting my friends from our town. I do have a few questions. Perhaps you will be able to direct me to the source or guide me as you appear to be a pro!

    2 - I live in South Palm Beach. Due to my zip code of 33480, my town shows as Palm Beach instead. How might this be corrected?

    2 - The Coastal Star will begin coverage of South Palm Beach October 2009 and I will be delighted to have our town included. Am inviting all I know to join and to be sure the condominium buildings will accept the paper.

    3 - Would like to set up a group for our town of South Palm Beach. This may well be totally explained on whatever page I need to fill out when attempting. However, I would like our town to show correctly on our memberships. Any guidance a pro like you can offer will be welcome.
  • Thanks. Yeah, it's been tough. I just put an ad on craigs list and got a few good resumes so hopefully one will pan out.
  • Yes, we would would like to find a place down there. We've looked up here, but it doesn't make nearly as much sense as having a place down there. Please let us know if you hear of any fabulous ocean deals.
  • I didn't really get a chance to look for a paper copy yet, but I will tomorrow or more likely Friday. It's been a busy week! I love the web site. I read about it on Jan Norris's blog. You know, I don't actually live on the barrier island, so I fibbed. But I have lived within spitting distance of the intracoastal for 20 years. Does that count?
  • This paper is awesome!!!!!! I want to move to Florida just so I can be a legitimate subscriber.
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