Welcome Home to our Snowbirds

Welcome Home SE Florida Snowbirds. Hoping your Florida home did well in your absence. I offer a service while you are away for the season – or on a vacation getaway.

I do visual inspections of vacant homes and properties while the homeowner is away – looking for obvious issues. My business pays its taxes in the City of Boynton Beach and Palm Beach County.  I carry business liability insurance and bonded.

I use a Realtime GPS enabled reporting tool to show you actual photos of any concerns I find of the home and email you this report before I leave the property.

I live in Boynton Beach; I have over 30-years of Law Enforcement experience (to notice things that aren’t right) and common sense to know the difference.

This service is not cheap.
I’m not a family member or neighbor stopping by to take a peak.
I maintain a schedule, use the tools of the trade to do a thorough job, and keep expanding my knowledge to do the job better on each inspection.

Beach Time Home Watch, LLC is the Home Watch service that can provide PEACE of MIND and reduce the stress while you are away.

Call, Text, Email or smoke signal to learn more:
In the meantime, click the button below to check out my website and blogs, as I share my experiences and what I’ve come across in my ventures.


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  • Time to begin preparing for storm season. That’s OK.  It’s that time of year.  Spring gives way to summer, summer to fall.  The rhythm of the snowbird lifestyle is strong.  It’s a good thing we have folks like Mike to help us through.  

  • Every Inspection is followed by a detailed report of your home.

    I put a link for one I completed to share.

    Beach Time Home Watch inspection example

    iAuditor: Manage Teams and Inspection Data
  • Hobart, I apologize for not seeing the previous question! 
    "Tools of the Trade" include the skills, knowledge, experience, and training to do the job right. 
    The "trade" is the job of providing a service the client needs.

    There are actual tools I carry with me on every visit.

    Those include the Hygrometer to measure room temperature and humidity. This verifies the HVAC is doing as it's supposed to at the settings desired.
    Another tool to measure any moisture in the wall or floor where water appears to have seeped in or an AC/Hot Water drip pan had begun collecting water; a drain backed up, or gasket cracked and leaked under a sink or around the toilet tank and bowl. 
    I have a circuit tester to check if there's power at a plug, in case a light goes out, instead of just trying to change the bulb.
    I have two flashlights and extra batteries.  I also carry 9v in case the smoke detector or CO2 detector has a low battery. 

    I am the person who's going to BE there at the home while you are away. I will TELL you what is going on.

    I will always have your best interest at heart.

    What have you FEARED while you leave your home? 
    Have you ever come home to a warm house? Smells, odors, musty, mold? Rotted food when the refrigerator or freezer had stopped working? What if it was just a GFCI plug that had to be reset? 

    What STRESS do you have when you travel? What's the plan when Hurricane is coming in?

    Do you have a contractor to put up your Shutters? I don't do that, but I report when a contractor doesn't do what you've paid them for? 

    If you have a pool, have you come home to find the Pool is green? Found the pool pump is shot when the water level went below the skimmer basket opening?
    *I can add water when needed, verify the water level is where it needs to be, VERIFY your Pool contractor is doing the work you're paying them for. 

    Have you been away for the season, had a landscape company keeping up on the home, but you got the 'Nasty Gram' from the HOA for grass height violation, debris in the yard and driveway? 

    As a Home Watch provider, I will monitor all these things occurring, at the home for you, while you are away. 

    Homeowner/Condo Insurance!?:
    Do you PAY a premium on your property insurance because you are away for any length of time?
    Or ... do you NOT tell your Homeowners Insurance provider that your home is vacant more than 31, or 60 days? 

    More than likely, if there is a large event such as Mold, Water Damage, Critter or Pest infestation, the Insurance Company MAY be able to deny the claim if they can show the problem wouldn't have occurred if the home was being monitored.

    More "Tools of the Trade":
    I carry two million dollars of personal and professional liability insurance;
    I am bonded;
    I am licensed (BTR) in the City of Boynton Beach and in Palm Beach County. - My Policy Declaration Page is provided to my clients on my first visit. 

    Most importantly?

    I communicate with you. I will email you a completed report when each visual inspection, of obvious issues in completed. Each inspection is tailored for each client. What is unique in your home? I can handle that.  

    If something is urgent, I will Text you/Call you, whatever you need to be done, to know something is up at your home. 

    What do YOU fear when you leave your precious home for any length of time? 

    What have YOU experienced while you were away? 

    I will help to address those concerns and fears, so you can relax and enjoy your time away with family and friends. 

    PEACE & Be Safe 

  • Hello.  Is anyone there?

  • What exactly do you mean by “tools of the trade”?  What trade?  

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