The Coastal Star

Making a spider web on a plate,  atop a cake or on cookies is a great way to garnish just
about any spider specialty. This web design also is used in our Spider Web
Soup, so we offer these basic instructions.

Put whatever you are using for your web — icing, chocolate sauce, tomato sauce,
raspberry sauce, ketchup, sour cream or Greek yogurt thinned with a little
cream, mustard or balsamic glaze — in a plastic squeeze bottle or a pastry tube
with a round tip. Use it to draw concentric circles wherever you want the web.

Then take the blade of a knife and draw a straight line from the center of the
circle to the edge at equal distances around the circumference. This creates a
web effect. Now you are ready to decorate it with a spider of choice.

-Deborah S. Hartz-Seeley


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