Seniors vs Crime 
A Special Project of the Florida Attorney General

15127 Jog Road, Delray Beach, Florida 33446
Telephone: (561) 865-1571 Fax: (561) 865-1572

RE: Speaker's Bureau 
As part of our community outreach, we have established a Speaker Bureau. Our speakers will gladly come to your community to help make people aware of topical matters. To arrange for a speaker, at no cost to your organization, please call our office in Delray Beach at 561-865-1571 or email us at
Seniors vs Crime is a special project of the office of the Florida Attorney General to assist Floridians of all ages who may have been victimized by scams or other economics crimes. We help these victims recover lost money or have services performed as needed. There are never any fees for our services. Our mission is to assist the Florida Attorney General in preventing crime against the elderly, to educate seniors on consumer frauds, con games and scams that target senior citizens. 
If seniors feel someone has taken advantage of them, cheated them out of money or has not delivered on what they promised, Seniors vs Crime may be able to help.

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