Pursuant to Section 163.380, Florida Statutes, notice is hereby given that the Delray Beach Community Redevelopment Agency (CRA) intends to lease one (1) CRA-owned historic property. It is the CRA’s intent to lease said property to a qualified individual or entity for the property to be used as a commercial space with daytime, nighttime, and weekend operating hours.

The CRA-owned property is located at 186 NW 5th Avenue, Delray Beach, FL 33444.

The legal description is as follows:

Lots 1, 2, 3 and 4 in Block 19, Melvin S. Burd’s Subdivision of the North ½ of Block 19, according to the plat thereof, as recorded in Plat Book 11, at Page 73, of the Public Records of Palm Beach County, Florida, less the westerly 25 feet as described in the Official Records Book 23739, Page 853, Public Records of Palm Beach County, Florida, and the easterly 7 feet as described in Official Records Book 25218, Page 1655, Public Records on Palm Beach County, Florida.

PCN: 12-43-46-17-50-000-0010

*Please note, two buildings/properties are located at the plat legally described above. 186 NW 5th Avenue is the building/property located on the northern portion of the plat. This Public Notice pertains only to 186 NW 5th Avenue.

The CRA-owned property is located along the historic NW & SW 5th Avenue corridor within the West Settlers Historic District. This area was once a vital commercial and institutional corridor comprised of black-owned businesses in the heart of the City of Delray Beach’s African American neighborhood.

The Delray Beach CRA’s Community Redevelopment Plan includes the NW & SW 5th Avenue corridor under the NW & SW 5th Avenue Beautification Project #2.1. The objective of Project #2.1 is to revitalize the NW & SW 5th Avenue corridor into a thriving district for neighborhood businesses and cultural activities. Project #2.1 calls for the strategic provision of diverse neighborhood shopping, services, and cultural facilities that will serve as the catalyst to enhance business activity and pedestrian activity, and to attract residents and visitors to the area.

For more information about the neighborhood and the needs of the community please see the West Atlantic Master Plan and the CRA Redevelopment Plan both located at www.delraycra.org/plans.

The CRA intends to lease the property located at 186 NW 5th Avenue to a qualified individual or entity for a commercial use with daytime, nighttime, and weekend operating hours. Commercial uses shall be retail/specialty shop, restaurant/café, and/or artist gallery/workspace as permitted within the Central Business District (CBD) zoning district, more particularly described in the City of Delray Beach’s Land Development Regulations. Commercial use shall not include office space. Non-profit organizations shall be excluded and will not be considered. The CRA hereby invites all interested parties to submit their proposals for consideration as tenants of this prime location on the historic NW & SW 5th Avenue commercial corridor in the West Settlers Historic District in Delray Beach.

Leasable Property:

186 NW 5TH Avenue, “Harvel Cottage” - 1,100 Square Feet


Available CRA Funding Programs:



Project Consultancy & Design Services Program; Rent Subsidy Program

Site Development Assistance Program; Paint-up &Signage Program


All proposals must be submitted in writing and delivered within forty-five (45) days after the date of publishing this Public Notice to the Delray Beach Community Development Agency located at 20 N. Swinton Avenue, Delray Beach, Florida, 33444, with attention to Christine Tibbs, Assistant Director.

The Delray Beach CRA Board reserves the right to accept any proposal and to negotiate an agreement with any selected proposer, and/or to reject any or all proposal(s).

Additional information may be obtained by contacting Christine Tibbs, Assistant Director, at tibbsc@mydelraybeach.com or at 561-276-8640.

The CRA is vested by the State of Florida pursuant to its powers under Florida Statutes, Chapter 163, Part III, the Community Redevelopment Act of 1969 as amended, with the authority to acquire and lease real property in order to effectuate redevelopment pursuant to the goals and objectives of the Delray Beach CRA Redevelopment Plan.

Shirley E. Johnson, Board Chair      

Renée Jadusingh, Esq., Executive Director                          

Delray Beach Community Redevelopment Agency

Published Date: Monday, February 8, 2021

Updated: Tuesday, February 9, 2021

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