7961433294?profile=originalThere is a new call to reduce water usage in Palm Beach and the Treasure Coast as the drought in our area worsens. According to experts, the drought has expanded. All of South Florida is now in a drought. Indian River and St. Lucie County are in a severe drought and Palm Beach County is abnormally dry. The CBS12 News weather teams says that West Palm Beach is 7.5 inches behind on rainfall while Vero Beach is more than 4.5 inches behind.

The South Florida Water Management District is now issuing a warning to 7961433472?profile=originalnearly 10 million residents to conserve water and is urging residents to visit the agency's website for tips on saving water. Tips range from fixing plumbing leaks to installing low-flow high pressure shower heads. 

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  • 7961859057?profile=originalHere's a graphic which shows the severity of the drought based on rainfall showers in different areas. high Pressure shower head

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