10/16: Ocean Ridge town manager just called: the sign is down. "It will need to be adjusted," he said.

This crosswalk is in Ocean Ridge. The walkover to the beach is public property. The sign is new. According to the town manager, it was placed on private property by the adjacent homeowners. The town had nothing to do with it. Thoughts?

10/17: The "private beach" sign posted in the sand has now also been removed. The town manager says that discussion on the private beach signs issue is tentatively scheduled for the Nov. 4 town meeting. 

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  • I think this sign is protected speech. You may disagree with its content (I certainly do because the beach is obviously public) but this property owner has a right to his opinion however wrong it may be. If the town allows other signs on private property that contain speech they approve of and at the same time require this sign to be removed because they disagree with its content then we may as well say goodby to the constitution.

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