I don’t understand why there is such contempt for iguanas. They are not aggressive toward people, they run away as fast as they can if anyone approaches them. They don’t bite, they don’t sting. They don’t attack our pets. They don’t ravage our important, edible crops. What harm are they causing? What crime have they committed, outside of being ugly?
One person complained that “they eat the flowers!” Big deal! Flowers serve no tangible purpose. We don’t eat them. We don’t feed livestock with them. We don’t manufacture anything using flowers. Nor are they medicinal. Who cares if they eat flowers?
Ironically, up in the Midwest, Canadian geese are a much bigger problem, yet we are not allowed to hunt or kill them. But unlike iguanas, geese are aggressive toward people. And their droppings completely saturate sidewalks and lawns.
If there is an invasive species that needed culling, it’s Canadian geese. They are a much bigger nuisance than iguanas.
Moreover, we have the most boring wildlife here. In South America, they have monkeys, llamas, jaguars, piranhas, giant bugs, spiders and all kinds of exotic birds, etc. In Africa they have rhinos, lions, giraffes, etc. In Asia they have tigers, elephants, cobras, etc. In Australia, they have kangaroos, koalas, wombats, etc.
Meanwhile, here in the States we have squirrels and sparrows. Woohoo! How boring! Iguanas are the first exotic creatures we have to break up the boredom of our bland native wildlife. I say let them live!

— Kurt Kelley
Boynton Beach

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  • Kurt- I'm with you on the geese problem.  They're a scourge on the land and must be culled. US Fish and Wildlife fanatics have allowed the goose population to get out of control.  It's a toxic mess.   We disagree on the iguanas though.  They're a menace and they breed like rabbits. Just like the snakes in the Everglades- there should be a bounty on iguanas.  You certainly won't see any of them lizards on my property if you know what I mean. 

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