During the March municipal elections, our coastal residents’ voices were heard, not only in candidate selection, but on significant issues that affected their town. Sometimes, we need to allow our residents to directly express their opinions on specific impactful issues and not just rely on commissions that are narrowly split over divisive issues.

Both Ocean Ridge and Highland Beach had referendums on their ballots allowing the residents to have that voice, and the answers may have surprised some. Ocean Ridge residents came out supporting all the changes to their town charter, with the most controversial one being the desire to have term limits for elected commissioners.

Highland Beach residents came out overwhelmingly rejecting all of theirs. The three bonds, to improve stormwater drainage, to improve roadways and parks, and to finance underground utilities, were all defeated.

The bottom line is that when important choices must be made, give the residents a voice. Trust them. They will speak and we all win.

Zoanne Hennigan

Ocean Ridge  

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  • Very good letter Ms. Hennigan.
    It’s good to see a community allow its residents to speak their peace with their ballots.
    It takes the pressure off those who feel they are doing the best for the interests of all, but the majority does or does not ‘want’ that issue enacted.
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