As an Ocean Ridge commissioner, it has been an honor to serve the residents of this great town and to have influenced a variety of changes and processes. Public service is a rewarding experience.
    Moving forward, highly motivated people with a fresh perspective are paramount in managing the goals of our town. While our town is small, the talent pool is deep. We just need these people to become engaged.
    As the last several elections show, open seats prime the pump, invigorating the prospective candidate pool. With term limits, that would be the norm.
    Kudos to Jim Bonfiglio, Richard Lucibella and Roberta Wehr for volunteering their valuable time to run for public office.
    Take the time to meet all the candidates, ask their opinions on issues, and share your views with them. I also encourage you to come to town meetings and get involved.
    My sincere appreciation goes out to those folks who have supported me throughout my term.
    Thanks also go to the dedicated staff at Town Hall, along with those elected officials on the commission, all of whom help keep Ocean Ridge a great place to live.

Zoanne Hennigan 2011-2014
Ocean Ridge commissioner

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  • Thank you for the gentle push. Plan on attending the next town meeting.
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