I would like to congratulate you for your interesting article on the Ocean Avenue Bridge [A century of tragedy, progress and controversy, January 2012]; and, since I was the “doctor that sued,” please allow me to add a few historical details.
The smart road engineers, who in 1976 labeled the historic structure as “functionally obsolete,” never admitted that they were contributing to the creation of a new monster version of approximately $200 million, now in the taxpayers’ archives under the infamous tag of “bridges to nowhere.”
The majority of Ocean Ridge residents opposed the new bridge that was set to destroy Coconut Lane, where my old house stood, push away the Ocean Ridge Town Hall, massacre eight acres of pristine mangroves, and forcibly empty its projected four lanes of traffic into a two-lane scenic A1A.
However, political indecisions wasted critical time to oppose it technically. This is when I decided to oppose it on my own and file suit against the Florida Department of Transportation.
The town of Ocean Ridge and the Audubon Society joined me later on, and several dozen local volunteers and residents helped with the environmental research and political activism. Hugh McMillan was our leading attorney.
Several years later, the case petition finally reached the Florida Supreme Court, where common sense prevailed and the people won.
This victory by the people shall prevail and limit abusive behavior on the part of bigger towns against communities like beautiful Ocean Ridge.
Dr. Augusto Lopez-Torres
Boynton Beach

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