Thank you so much for the article on “predatory parking.” I think we have fallen victim to the same scam. My 23-year-old son borrowed my car and we were slapped with a fine. I, of course, questioned him and he said he drove through the lot on Second but did not park. They had a picture of my car, so …

It would be great if the public could be notified as to which lots in Delray Beach or other areas are “private lots.” Dealing with these parking companies is extremely frustrating and often futile. It is my impression that they bank on the fact that many folks will just pay instead of embarking on a time-consuming process. 

The residents and visitors to Delray Beach should be given the opportunity to vote with their wallets. The only way companies like this will change their practices is through public pressure. In short, we should know which lots we should not even enter to look for parking unless we are willing to engage in the aftermath.  

— Tracy Souder, Gulf Stream

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