It is illegal to place any sign without a Florida Department of Transportation permit in a state right of way. A1A is a state road with a 100-foot right of way. Any nonpermitted sign placed within 50 feet east and west of A1A’s center line is illegal. The people responsible for placing the signs should also be cited under Florida’s litter law.

Shame on all the folks who regularly trash our town or allow it to be trashed with political and real estate signs.

Shame on the politicians and town management who should know the law, abide by the law, and enforce the law. No one should be above the law.

Shame on the real estate agents who think billboards — not one, but two, in some cases — will help sell high-end properties when all they do is make the seller look desperate.

Shame on the residents who give the politicians and real estate agents permission to put signs in front of their property, on ground they do not even own.

Every time there is an election our town gets littered for months with dozens of illegally placed political signs — some lined up a few feet from one another. Do these politicians really think that violating the law and costing the taxpayer for FDOT to come and remove their signs gets them votes? Not mine!

These signs distract drivers and are a real nuisance to the landscape companies, besides giving our town a disgusting appearance.

— Robert Patek

Highland Beach

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  • You’d think that a small town like HB could control this problem.  But just like everything else, it’s all about the money.  Sign pollution helps nobody but those seeking to profit from it.  It’s a way of life in New York, was hoping for something more honest and honorable in HB.  Sad. 

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