Twelve years ago, SAFE (Safety As Floridians Expect) led a successful effort in persuading FDOT to build bike lanes and fill in sidewalk gaps in Delray Beach. 

    Since then, pedestrian and bike traffic have increased geometrically along SR A1A in all of Palm Beach County.

    Now, local police departments are giving warning tickets to motorists, pedestrians and bicyclists when they violate state laws. However well-intended this activity is, it does not address the root problem. 

    Bicyclists and pedestrians should have their own travel lanes where there is sufficient right of way — that means sidewalks and bike lanes. 

    SAFE suggests that FDOT build bike lanes where there is sufficient right of way, provide as wide a paved shoulder as possible where there is not, and reduce the speed limit to 25 MPH through narrow roads — like Gulf Stream, sections of Manalapan, etc. — by installing speed tables. 

    Until sidewalks and bike lanes are built, there will be no peace among motorists, pedestrians and bicyclists.And, pedestrians and bicyclists are being denied full consideration and safe access.

Charlie Bonfield & Jim Smith


Delray Beach

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