It’s very simple. Andrews Avenue in Delray Beach is (together with its side streets) no longer a safe thoroughfare for anyone, due to overcrowded beach access and insufficient recreational parking zones.
Safety is a No. 1 priority regarding traffic mobility — from simple pedestrian passersby to extenuating circumstances that emergency vehicles must contend with to perform their services. The public welfare is at stake here and municipal taxes are paid by everyone to ensure it.
The lack of distinct signage along Andrews Avenue and where needed along the side streets illustrates this inevitable problem.
The south end of Delray Beach has three public parking lots assigned to it; the north end is at a loss for one. Perhaps the lot occupied by the Florida Inland Navigational District could be modified to accommodate both the beachgoer and the environment, similar to the parking facilities at MacArthur Park on Singer Island and Spanish River Park in Boca Raton.
Meanwhile, the pressure continues to build on Andrews Avenue and adjacent streets. It is a problem that all of Delray Beach, sooner or later, must solve.

— James Stonehouse
Delray Beach

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