For health and safety and money for the Town of Ocean Ridge, the county and the state, and as an owner at Ocean Park Manor, adjacent to the proposed Swain project, I would like to lodge my strongest objection to this permit. 
Among the factors that the Army Corps of Engineers must consider when reviewing the permit application are safety, economics, aesthetics, recreation, the needs and welfare of the people and general environmental concerns. It would be right for the Corps to deny this permit because allowing any development of the area under consideration poses a serious health and safety risk.
It is not new that the proposed development cannot guarantee that the abundance of birds, fish and plant life now in that space will survive the construction. The proposed development will put not only wildlife at risk, but also the safety of the many people who use the lagoon for recreation. 
In truth, it is only the vital natural resources of the lagoon that balance out the ever-increasing pollution that plagues our area. 
To save our lagoon, we must rely on the powerful enforcement authority of the Corps. People young and old come daily into the lagoon on paddleboards, kayaks, fishing boats and even Jet Skis. Their discovery of all manner of wading birds, jumping fish and groups of manatees (including pups) provides fun and joy. 
The investment in preserving this tiny eco-tourist spot has the proven advantage of bringing money to the local economy. 
Hopefully, representatives of the Corps have had an opportunity to visit the lagoon and to take comfort in the fact that denying this permit will guarantee that the needs and welfare of the people who live in and visit this area will be protected. 
Thank you for all the work the Corps does every day to protect and preserve our natural resources.

Beth L. Sindaco
Ocean Ridge

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