A coalition of neighborhood associations and residents opposed to the proposed Atlantic Plaza II redevelopment as too large and incompatible with surrounding uses has organized as "Save Delray Beach" and created a website at:www.savedelraybeach.com
Our position is that the proposed Atlantic Plaza II is simply too large and too massive compared to the rest of Atlantic Avenue.

On November 20th our attorney, Ralf Brookes requested a meeting with the developer to arrive at a project we could support if the developer modified the development to be compatible with the existing fabric of Atlantic Avenue.

Friday Nov 30th, the developer resubmitted plans to the City seeking over 370 residential units; Save Delray Beach had requested the number of units be reduced to between 197-255 and sent their concerns to the developer. (attached). The developers have failed to address the concerns of our coalition.
We have requested continuance of the December 4th meeting from the developer, City Commissioners (twice), and City manager.
Save Delray Beach objects rushing to a vote on December 4th that will permanently and negatively impact Delray Beach for generations to come.
Based on the nearly complete failure of the developer to adequately address the citizen's concerns, Save Delray expects that if the City Commission approves Atlantic Plaza II on Tuesday the issue will be taken to court for a full hearing. Three minutes at the citizen podium is simply not enough time to discuss the incompatibility of this project with Delray Beach and inconsistencies with the Delray Plan and vision that will forever adversely impact Atlantic Avenue, the surrounding area, and Delray's sense of place.
Any coverage you could bring to the issue would be greatly appreciated.
Thank you,

John Papaloizos

Original Letter

Readers of The Coastal Star should be vitally interested in a major development project planned for a two-block area on the northeastern corner of Atlantic Avenue and Federal Highway in Delray Beach. An Ohio-based developer has joined forces with the landowner to propose a 442-unit residential complex, surrounded by offices, restaurants and retail stores, on land bordering quiet neighborhoods and Veterans Park.
    The new plan is simply too massive to fit on the site, incompatible with surrounding development, and too complicated to be built without serious damage to Delray’s small-town reputation and downtown master plan.
    The developer is pressuring the City Commission to approve recommended waivers to existing land-use regulations immediately, in order to get a head start on demolition and excavation for underground parking before next year’s rainy season.
    Residents have banded together to form Save Delray Beach, LLC, a coalescence of neighboring homeowner associations, civic groups and the Florida Coalition for Preservation.
    Save Delray Beach strongly supports a high-quality, sensibly designed development on the site, but only after all parties have resolved meaningful design and infrastructure issues. Ralf Brookes, the land-use attorney representing Save Delray Beach, has requested a meeting with the developer before the Dec. 4 City Commission meeting to discuss citizen concerns and attempt to arrive at a project that residents can support.

John Papaloizos, Delray Beach
Founder, Save Delray Beach

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