I hear what you are saying and understand that many people might feel the same way, but regarding the [iguana] defecation issue [covered in the August Coastal Star], it’s no different and no worse than dog feces. Would you kill a dog for pooping outside or on your deck?

You claim iguanas are disgusting creatures. That’s a matter of opinion. Many, including me, would agree that iguanas are ancient relics of the past — living history — and I am fascinated by them.

Iguanas are clever animals that should not be thoughtlessly slaughtered. I think it is safe to say that the number of people hugely outnumbers the number of iguanas. They won’t hurt you, so why hurt them? Their droppings potentially hold nutrients for the ground, they add to the scenery and are a learning point for the younger generation.

They are also, in my opinion, very beautiful. So, they should not have to die if no one is being physically hurt by them. So, I beg you, don’t hurt them, please!

Annabelle Wallace, 13

Boca Raton

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  • The iguanas have to go!!!! Lunch and dinner meat. Feed the hurricane victims with local habitat. 

    Especially, the vipers that want to eat us!! Plenty of food for us. if we are lucky the habitat in the Everglades will be restored by eating the snakes that munch of deer etc.

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